Were there aircraft about, if so what: No aircraft
Do you want us to investigate: Yes
Date of sighting: 30.06.15
Time of sighting: 11pm onwards
Geographical location of where you saw it: Above Magpie road, Norwich
Country: England
From which direction did it come (eg west): It moved around the same area for 2+ hours
Which direction did it head to:
Visibility & Humidity: It seemed clear but couldn’t see many stars
Describe what object/s looked like and what it was doing, distance, altitude and angle from you: It was a bright white roundish light and there was what seemed like red and green lights, like ropelights coming off it and I saw it more than once last night shooting out what appeared to be a red line, like a lazer, I saw it do this at least 3 times. I watched it for about 2 hours. It never moved away from the area it was in but it was never still, it darted about, constantly from like point but always in the same area. This is not the first time I’ve seen this, less than a month ago at exactly same spot, it was doing the same apart from I never saw the red fire out of it last time. Its also now the 4th time I have seen this kind of ufo’s, twice here and twice over mile cross, all since 1st Jan this year.
I found this site a few weeks ago,  so have decided to report this here after seeing this last night.
Were there other witnesses, if so how many: Yes, my brother, it’s at his home where I’ve now seen these 2 sightings, I asked him to look to confirm it was what I described to him and he did agree.
other comments:
Can we display your UFO sighting on this site (wordpress) and facebook group? your name and email address will not be shown and will remain confidential.: Yes

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