Schooner Hotel – ghosts or money?

We booked our annual weekend away at Chillingham Castle and decided to book somewhere else to investigate, for Saturday Night.  Most of us travelled hours from different areas across the country for this weekend.

Surely we couldn’t pick a better place to book an additional investigation than the famous Schooner Hotel!

During January, 2017 the Schooner Hotel was booked by someone who was known to the Inn, as she has worked with/for Schooner on previous ghost hunts.  It was confirmed what areas we would have and some areas were depending on room bookings and money was paid to Schooner.

The 15th September 2017 we were informed that another ghost hunting team were at the Hotel and the Hotel would inform the other group that we would be there.  We decided that we could work with the other group.  Thinking it would be an investigating group as all people attending the weekend were from different groups and working together at venues was how we all meet!

Saturday, 30th September, 2017 we arrived at the Schooner.  We all sat in the conservatory; waiting for the owner to speak us.  Dave a member from the other group Ghost North East (GNE) came into the conservatory, saying with an aggressive arrogant voice that were had not booked and we were not investigating the Schooner Inn.  This person would not listen to what anyone said and continued to be aggressive and arrogant, repeating that we were not booked in!  A meeting was held between all three parties (one person from our group, GNE and the Inn). We all became uneasy about investigating the Inn, due to the aggressive/arrogant behaviour of Dave.

GNE had suggested that we have 4 people go into their group and 10 of us could stay as a group to investigate.  We all voted and the majority wanted their money back due to the aggressive nature from Dave as we felt unsafe around him.  Neither did we want to be dictated to by this group or for our experienced investigators to be with members of the public.  How were we going to decide who went with them, very unfair considering.

Dave then came and apologised to us, using the excuse he was on steroids.  This was a little too late and really was it acceptable to be this aggressive and arrogant to experience fellow investigators, NO it wasn’t.  The side effects of steroids are mood swings, anxiety, restlessness, agitation and feeling irritable.  Should he even be working with the public at all, this I do question, I would say no!

The Schooner said it would refund us, but refused to refund us on the night and said they could not do a card refund, even thou that was how payment was made and we do know that they could’ve done a card refund.  They promised to refund on the card used, on Monday.  Monday, the money was not transferred and a friendly phone call to remind them about the refund happened more than once during the week, finally a cheque arrived.

I find it appalling how the Schooner behaved throughout all of this.  This suggests they are all about money and getting as much of it as they can.  They let the other group dictate the night, when in fact the Schooner should’ve done more.  While waiting we were not even offered a drink, considering it was their mess.  We have since been informed GNE has now been banned from the Schooner, I say that is karma at its best, Schooner has lost a regular visit/money of us and GNE got what they deserved.  Schooner has since apologised but it is too late.

I have wanted to go to Schooner for years! A few years ago we tried to book it and got messed around, so didn’t go, then this.  I am gutted that the Inn seems to be greed, I understand the place need to make money, but keep your paranormal world happy and they will come back again and again, considering this is what the Inn is famous for.  Groups will put good reviews out about the place, which means more groups will go there that haven’t already been.

GNE video on their website states a warm welcome (hope it is better than the one we got!) and it states ‘we stage nothing’ which make me question to why that is stated, if you don’t stage anything you have no concerns that people might think so. They even said to us before we left, you can look at our website and investigate any places we have on there, hmm like they own the monopoly on these places! One of them was Chillingham, so we all laughed at this, considering we have been to Chillingham for a few years now, before their group was formed!

On a plus side we ended up investigating a free place with interesting activity once we left the Inn.  I will not name the location as this was another one we have wanted to do for a few years!

As for ghosts at the Schooner we dont know, never felt anything downstairs in the pub is all i can comment!

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