UFO SEEN OVER NR10 – 10/07/15

Were there aircraft about, if so what: Saw no aircraft.
Do you want us to investigate: No
Date of sighting: 10/07/15
Time of sighting: 22.55
Geographical location of where you saw it: Norfolk NR10.
Country: UK
From which direction did it come (eg west): East
Which direction did it head to: West
Visibility & Humidity: Clear night.  Moderate humidity.
Describe what object/s looked like and what it was doing, distance, altitude and angle from you: Bright red ball.   At first thought must be a ‘Chinese lantern’.  Quiet night – no detectable noise.  Moving steadily in straight line at speed expected for plane at 5 – 10,000 feet, maybe at constant height.  After ca. 1 minute had diminished into the West.  Probably an afterburner, but not seen this kind of thing before.
Can we display your UFO sighting on this site (wordpress) and facebook group? your name and email address will not be shown and will remain confidential.: Yes

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