The Norwich house that’s so haunted even paranormal investigators won’t go inside- part 2, the reply

This is a response to the EDP article “The Norwich house that’s so haunted even paranormal investigators won’t go inside” which was published on the 29th October 2016.

Why am I responding to the article?  Npeg was originally mentioned in the article and since have been removed from the article.  I was the founder of Npeg and I felt it necessary to reply to an inaccurate account of what happened, during our investigations at this property.

First, I would like to say this article has cause hype for groups of people wanting to investigate this property.  Due to the article stating that ‘paranormal investigators won’t go inside’ and ‘I still speak to one of them and despite the fact that she’s been to some of the most haunted places in the country she refuses to go back to Silver Road!”. We never said we would refuse to go back due to paranormal activity. She moved out of the Silver Road property shortly after our investigations and therefore we would not have had access to the property.  I have not spoken to the ex-tenant for over two years!

I want to state when we investigated private properties, we never gave addresses of properties to anyone and any member of Npeg that did not attend a private investigation did not know the address of that property.  When writing reports of a private investigation, a random code was given to that property, I have the original copy of the report (a digital and hard copy and original notes from the investigations), and it does not say Silver Road.  When adding historical research to the report it was stated as Pockthorpe and St James.  Once the electoral Role was checked, we did not put the street or the number of the property, only the information.  I found it irresponsible of the writer of the article and the ex-tenant for naming the street due to different tenants living in the property.  I hope they do not get people hassling them for an investigation.

The original published article stated it was 2008 and the author was correctly told it was actually 2007, the actual dates of investigations were, 26.05.07 and 28.07.07, this is why the article was changed to between 2007 and 2008.

I cannot comment on her personal experiences, but I do have written copies of her experiences, written by herself.  However, I can comment on what we experienced, even thou the article no longer states it was Npeg.  Most people saw Npeg mentioned in the article and I have been contacted about the article.

Npeg investigations worked from the scientific and spiritual perspective and any names or information we gained through any investigation would be researched to see if anything could confirm.  We tried to look for logical explanations when having temperature drops/rises or when EMF meters went off.  A temperature drop or rise or an EMF reading does not confirm that a spirit is present.

Quote from article

She added: “I told them my baby had been screaming in the middle of the night, so they used EMF meters near the crib and asked the spirits questions. Apparently, a little boy said he wanted someone to play with and revealed he had been rocking the baby’s crib at night to wake him up.”  There is no record in the report of this account!

Emf readings that were recorded in the house:

In the centre of the sitting room, emf reading of 1.5-2.5mg going up to 10mg was recorded.  In the report, there is nothing to suggest it was paranormal!

In the kitchen, emf readings in the cupboard were recorded due to an electric meter.  Emf readings were recorded behind the microwave and the outside of the dishwasher.  All emf readings were expected due to the electrical items in the kitchen.

Half way up the stairs on the left-hand side, emf readings were recorded briefly at 1mg.  A stud gun in the same area confirmed there was an electric cable in the wall.

In the bathroom, emf readings were recorded at 2.5mg the readings were inconsistent.

No emf readings recorded in either bedroom.

In the lounge, emf reading was recorded to the left of the front door, between the doorbell and light switch.  The stud gun confirmed it was electrical readings.

Quote from article

“They said they could sense an angry male who they thought had been a gang member that had killed people, as well as several other spirits in the home, including a young boy from the 1800s, a woman who had drowned in the house and a demon in the attic,”

There is nothing in the report to say we sensed a woman who had drowned or a demon in the attic or several other spirits.

A male called Thomas, in a gang was sensed, but there is nothing in the report to say he had killed people.  When researching Thomas, we could not confirm with historical records.  The research is included in the final report and it was given to the ex-tenant mentioned in the EDP article.

A male, aged in his 20’s was sensed, from the 1700’s and it was sensed he was killed or died in a field.  We could not confirm with historical records, as we had no name. Maybe this is confused with the young boy from the 1800’s.  Only one other male spirit was sensed with no confirmation.

While doing investigations we would write anything down as it happened, with the time it happened. All notes were given to me to write a report.  This was for every investigation we done.  This was to eliminate psychological effects (see writing down activity while on an investigation and psychology).

A written statement from Joolz, who attended both investigations.

I was with Tracy on the night of the investigation of the house in Norwich along with my partner, Andy. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, that there was absolutely no mention of a demon in the attic, a woman who had drowned or a young child in the house. Whilst there was some minor evidence of paranormal activity, it absolutely was not to the levels reported by Miss Hamilton. It should be noted that Miss Hamilton had admitted seeking guidance from other spiritual sources and reported that she had been told to get out of her house by them. I cannot comment on this further though as I was not present when Miss Hamilton was receiving this advice.

As very experienced investigators it would take a great deal for either myself or Tracy to refuse to go into any location based on paranormal activity. In fact, the chance of being able to find evidence of the afterlife would make us MORE likely to visit somewhere and we would never be so unprofessional as to leave a client with the impression that their house was anything other than perfectly safe to live in. That kind of sensationalist nonsense belongs in Hollywood. I feel that this kind of exaggeration of events is damaging to the paranormal world as a whole and it puts those of us who have always tried to be sensible and level headed about such matters in a bad light.


11 responses to “The Norwich house that’s so haunted even paranormal investigators won’t go inside- part 2, the reply

  1. I was shot down in flames for condemning the original EDP article, the person doing so criticised me for stating it was all a “load of b######s” they thought I was referring to the case itself, when what I was flying off the handle at was the media and it’s reporting methods, ” no paranormal investigators would go in the house”?? Typical re pedling of old news in an attempt to cook up a story for Haloween issues when nothing new and fresh was available! I even posted a very sizeable response to this person’s criticism of myself, as I clearly stated, not being present at any investigation of the property, and never having been invited, I was hardly in any position to give an opinion on the case and the truth of it! and let’s face it the chances of receiving an invitation in the future is extremely unlikely!! as the property’s landlord will hardly be encouraging attention especialy the property is probably tenanted at this moment anyway without any problem or issuel! So I wouldn’t worry too much, I obviously knew the connection to yourself, but we all know how the media plays around with ‘spin’ to suit their own devices, so don’t let the press grind you down!! 😀

    • Thanks Andrew, people are so easy to criticise and misunderstand what you are trying to say at times. I really hope that the people in there now are going to be left in peace and not hassled, that was a major concern for me. But yes with the media, we obviously contacted the author of the article and how the name got deleted. This has come at an interesting time, as i should be doing more investigations next year, so do i resurface Npeg hmmm 🙂

  2. I think you guys were right to be annoyed by said article and were quite within your rights to put the record straight. We all know how the press blow stories up to sell more papers.
    I only returned to Norwich last year after 37 years away with the military and other things. I am very interested in the paranormal having experienced quite a few paranormal events whilst in the RAF especially RAF Scampton, Binbrook and Lyneham and then spending 8 months in the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar after losing my leg (which apparently they are still looking for) where myself and four other military amputees all witnessed a naval rating dressed in a WW2 uniform walk through a wall. We also witnessed several other events.
    I would be very interested in assisting you guys with any paranormal investigations you may carry out in the future.
    Cheers Tony

    • Thanks Tony and sorry to hear that you lost your leg. Interesting experience you have had. I have re-opened Npeg, started it up again, just in the setting up stages at the moment, feel free to private message me, thanks tracy.

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  4. I have recently seen this post and thank you for confirming what actually happened as the whole thing has been blown up for effect as it was around halloween. I was a tenant after this woman and when this article came out. I lived at the property for quite a while with none of the issues she stated so I knew what she said to be incorrect and rubbish but when people online were stating about finding the house and gaining access i was concerned about my safety. The article was UTTERLY irresponsible and thankfully nothing happened and this blew over but it could easily have gone another route and put people in harms way. This just shows what some will say and do just for the hype.

    • Thank you for your reply and i am really glad you did not have any problems. I was fuming with the whole thing and did worry that you might have problems, but really glad that you didnt. I was asked a few times to where the property was but i was not going to give those details to anyone, as far as i am concerned it is still private and confidential and that will not change.

  5. I just dont want future tenants having a potential issue either as I know the people at the property and the response we had from the newspaper at the time was very dismissive and they clearly didnt care about that. The paranormal is interesting but i think there are certain ways you should go about things. Thank you very much for the respectfulness and privacy.

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