Pluckley the most haunted village??

Pluckley is associated as being the most haunted village of England.  I have had the pleasure of visiting Pluckley on advice of a dear passed friend.  She told me, she had so much happen there and it warranted the name of the most haunted village and advised me to visit.  I did visit but not much happened, the woods were eerie and heard unexplained noises, the feeling of being followed and being watched, but that was all that happened.

The Black Horse PH

1930174_1099325796255_5931_nItems go missing and later appear in obviously places that the item would have been seen, Items move across the bar, wallets are hidden and screams are heard.  The pub was a moated farmhouse, later a bailiff’s house.  Furniture has been unexplainable damaged.

The Dering Arms PH

An old lady is seen wearing a dress and a bonnet, sometimes she is mistaken for a living person as she is seen clearly by the window sitting at a table.  When she is seen, she just vanishes.  The building was once a hunting lodge.

 The Screaming woods

1930174_1099338116563_5041_n 1930174_1099331156389_9435_nDering Woods became known as the screaming woods.  A couple that were reading a water meter heard screams and they left without taking the reading.

Coach and Horses

There have been several sightings of coaches and horses in different areas of Pluckley.  A two-wheeled carriage with one horse was sighted near to pond house, heading toward the old Rectory.  Near to Pinnock stream, a coach and horses have been seen on the old Roman road.

A horse and carriage has been seen on the B2077 towards the old forge and Maltmans hill which are in opposite directions.  Just after midnight, a lady could see a coach and horses at Pinnock crossroads, with light coming from the coach.  Around 7pm in early November, 1997, a car was going through Pluckley and horse hooves filled the car, it sounded as thou the horses were on cobbles.

All sightings (apart from pond house) have been described as horses galloping or being headless.

Pinnock Bridge/crossroads

1930174_1099325916258_8281_n 1930174_1099325836256_6698_nThe ghost of a gypsy woman, smoking a pipe has been seen as a misty figure sitting on the bridge.  It has been suggested that she accidently set herself alight while smoking a pipe while drinking alcohol.  The woman is also known as the watercress woman as she sold watercress she found in the river.  Around water natural mist is formed.

The Blacksmith’s Arms PH

1930174_1099328916333_1443_nThis place was once nicknamed The Ghost’s Arms and the Spectre’s Arms. A coachman has been seen in the public lounge, starting into the fire.  Footsteps are hears in the night and a Cavalier is thought to be the culprit.  A Tudor maid has been seen.

The Colonel

He has been seen marching through where the wood of parkwood was where he hung himself.

Fright Corner

A highwayman was thought to have died here from a blade of a sword, which went through his body, pinning him to the tree.  A scream and sword battle has been heard.  The tree was removed in 1977.  His shadow has been seen in the area where the tree was.

1930174_1099331156389_9435_nNo records indicate who this highwayman is or who killed him.

There is more than one folklore about the highwayman, one suggestion is, and enemies, either by villains or someone on the side of the law killed him.

Another suggestion, the highwayman would hide in the hollow tree waiting for people to pass and he would attack them.  A man aware of the attacks went down the road and when he reached the tree, he put his sword into the hollow tree, killing the highwayman.

The Miller

During the 19th Century, a mill stood in the opposite side of the B2077, west of the Street.  An apparition has been seen at the site of the mill, in a black form, where the mill stood.  It is suggested that the ghost is of Richard Buss, a tenant of the mill in the 1930’s.  However, locals who knew Richard said he died of natural causes and therefore it was not him as others suggest it was someone who took his own life.

During 1939, the building burnt down due to a lightning strike and some suggest this is the best time you will see the ghostly figure.  Others suggest a full moon.

The Monk

The monk lived in Rectory Cottage (1863), which was later re-named as Greystones and sightings have been seen until 1954.  No clear description of sightings, so no one knows why people think this is a sighting of a monk.

Rose Court

A large house on the Pluckley to Bethersden Road have had strange noises are heard at night, items being moved.  A lady has been seen and nicked named the Tudor Lady.  She is best seen between 4-5pm and her voice can be heard calling her two dogs.

The house was thought to have been built for a mistress of a Lord Dering.  She is thought to have had a friendship with the monk at Greystones, which suggests another house was there before (due to dates not matching).  The ladies last moment was looking out of the window, towards Greystones after she poisoned herself with juices of berries and ivy.

The Monk and Tudor Lady

Both are known to walk the lanes in the area with the Tudor Lady dogs.  Voices can be heard and the dogs barking until they are close to the witnesses and then the voices fade and disappear.

For an investigative report on the Monk and Tudor lady, please click here.

St Nicholas Church

Has had reports by a ‘sorrowing ghost’ nicknamed the red lady, who was married to a Dering family member.  It is thought she had a child that died as she is seen wondering the graveyard looking for a baby, thought to be in an un-marked grave at the rear of the church.  For an investigative report on the red lady, click here.


The church also claims to have a white lady, a wife of a Lord Dering and she is seen inside the church by the family vault.  She died a young age and the Lord wanted to keep her beauty (see link for more info).  For an investigative report on the white lady, click here.

Elvey Farm Hotel

A phantom walker is said to visit the farmhouse, smells of burning wood or yarn that cannot be explained.

Surrenden Dering

The white lady has been seen, thought to be lady Dering and would suggest it is residual energy as her ghost has appeared after the original house was destroyed by fired by Cromwell’s followers.  It was rebuilt in 1750.  The building was a school during 1952 another fire reduced it all to ashes apart from the servant quarters and the kitchen.

The library became known as the ghost room.  Walter Winans sat in the library one Christmas during WWI with his hunting rifle.  When the white lady appeared he shot at her, passing through her and the lady vanished through the panelled wall, where the shots lodged themselves.  During WWI, the soldiers would not sleep in the library.

The building seemed to have more poltergeist activity and some suggest this is what caused the fire.  A young man’s pale face has been seen at a bedroom window, he was thought to have taken his own life in the 1800’s.

A taxi driver was driving down an unnamed road in Pluckley, the driver was flagged down by a man, the man got into the back of the cab, when the driver turned around the man had vanished.

Most people suggest that Pluckley is surrounded by folklore and not many ghosts, it is a lovely place and worth a visit.

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