I have been writing articles for Paranormal Watch Magazine (United Kingdom British Paranormal Association) since May 2009. In the past I have written for Paranormal Norfolk Magazine and I have written for The Spooky isles.

I have decided to include other related events on this site and therefore there will be a mixture of written items by myself and other articles of interest.

I have written a brief overview of things that have happened to me throughout my life, that I hope you will find interesting. I want to share this, so you understand why I have an interest in all things paranormal.

My paranormal experiences started when I was a child, I lived in a 200 odd year old farmhouse. I grew up seeing full figures walking around that were not living/human and most of these were spirits. Other paranormal stuff happened, including, noises heard that could not be explained, poltergeist activity. Seeing things night time but not sure if you were seeing it or dreaming it. At times I witnessed stuff with one of my sisters, but a lot of the time I was on my own. There was a room in the house that no-one would stay in, not even for 5 minutes, visitors would not wait in this room, the dogs would not stay in this room either. Some stuff I did not witness, like knifes flying around the kitchen. My mother had one or two UFO experiences which she told me about. There was a cupboard in the house that had never been opened, considering the house was renovated when we first moved it, but that was not opened up then, why I do no know, but always been a mystery. Once the loft was used a living quarters.

In my twenties, people that I lived with experienced odd things while around me and it was suggested that I had psychokinesis powers and when I stopped living with one person, all activity stopped, then we were on the phone one night and then things happened while I was on the phone. Do I have psychokinesis powers? I can not say 100% but as I have got older, things do happen when I am emotional, coincidence? Or maybe it is more noticeable I am not sure on this one.

As I child I grew up being religious, but by about the age of 14, I could not explain what I saw and how it fitted into religion, which in those days it did not, so I left religion behind, but I still have an interest in all religions but do not take part in any religion and I would say I am not a spiritualist either, I do not follow, I feel with my heart and soul.

Every building I have lived in has had something paranormal happen in it, apart from one, for a year I had peace and quiet and this of all places should have had activity, which surprised me. At some point I will write up what happened at the last two places I lived in, I have taken notes as activity happened.

4 responses to “About

  1. Hi Tracy just to let you know the Halt book is out ! I seem to remember you were always going to let me have some info for the book which never transpired! Maybe you might consider a contribution for the 2nd book I am working on please. John http://www.hauntedskies.co.uk

    • Hi John, Thanks for the heads up, have seen it around on facebook. Sorry i have been so busy the last couple of years, with work and helping the homeless so leaves me little time tbh. I will message you on fb as will be easier.

  2. Hi Tracy, I am from Norfolk but currently London based. I am researching a short film about a witch execution and I was wondering if I could chat to you about some specifics. you may/ may not be able to help.

    thanks and happy new year.

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