Psychology, electronic magnetic fields and EMF meters.

 KII Meters and psychology

 There are many disputes about the KII meter concerning the meter lighting up when you are asking questions.  Some people suggest it is due to a fault of the meter and that spirits are not communicating through the KII meter.

In my opinion this is probably the best EMF meter you can buy.  It is great for taking base line readings and it does not disturb vigils with noises as it uses lights to indicate a disturbance in the EMF.  For these reasons, it will not interfere with Dictaphone or video footage in relation to EVP recordings.

All mobile phones should be turned off and put into a metal tin during an investigation.  Mobile phones do affect the KII.  Other paranormal equipment affects the meters and every piece of equipment should be tested with the KII.

When the KII lights up we can assume it is spirit, but it could be a case of Apophenia.  We must remember that KII meters only show a disturbance in the EMF field not a ghost, spirit, or anything else paranormal.

We have so much technology that uses waves in the skies, such as mobile phone masts. Any disturbance could be due to something natural and therefore it would not be paranormal, but unexplainable at the time. I suggest you log it as unexplainable.

Electronic magnetic fields and psychology

An electronic magnetic field is charged particles of matter (i.e. electrons and protons).  Electronic magnetic fields natural occur in the atmosphere and in the body, connected to muscle and nerve tissue.   The earth naturally produces EMF, mainly in the form of static fields produced by air turbulence and other atmospheric activity.  The earth’s magnetic field is approx. 500 mg and produced by electric current running through the earth’s core.

Voltage and the pressure behind the flow of electricity produce electronic fields.  At ground level, the readings would be 100vm and electric in a normal house is 230 volts, outside of homes ranges from 11,000-400,000 volts.  Buildings, hedges and trees mainly shield electronic fields and therefore that is the reason that homes have higher readings.  The magnetic field is produced by current and depending upon the current, the flow of electricity (amps) and if the current is not shielded by buildings, hedges and trees. Most electrical equipment has to be turned on to produce EMF fields; a current must be flowing to produce a magnetic field.  Electricity fields are produced by voltage and increase with the increase output of the voltage.  Magnetic fields are formed from the flow of current and increase in line with the current.

If someone is depressed, it should be taken into account as the hormones melatonin and serotonin are affected, and with a combination of high emf readings and being clinically depressed, this could affect a person in many ways.

High electronic magnetic fields can cause depression; sleep disturbance; fatigue; behaviour and cognitive behavioral problems; headaches; nausea; fear; paranoia and anxiety if the readings are extremely high potentially creating hallucinations.  This in turn could cause someone to think they are experiencing paranormal activity when actually they are not.  Damp areas can become conductive, pick up an electric field, and re-radiate it over a large area.  Magnetic fields can be caused by unseen wiring faults.

Synthetic chemicals are now in everyone’s blood and body tissue compared to the 1940’s when none was traceable and the suggestion for this is that we have alot of electronic equipment surrounding us and therefore creating an electromagnetic field.

What is the theory behind using EMF meters for paranormal research?

Professor MCFadden found that every time a nerve fires, the electrical activity sends a signal to the brain’s electromagnetic field and binds together with all the other signals with-in the brain.  It is thought, that the brain’s EM field is the only thing possible that could survive death by changing frequency, and the mind going into theta waves just before death could possibly give us spirits.  It is also suggested that the energy could transform into heat and bleed out of the skull, which would not give us spirits, which mean we are looking for low frequency DC EM fields.  However, the emf meters do not detect frequency only the power of an associated field.  The above are only theories and should not be taken as proof that spirit produces an EMF field.

Professor Michael Persinger, The Laurentian University in Canada conducted several experiments.  The participants’ brains were exposed to different levels of EMF.

During these experiments, the participants reported experiences that are similar to paranormal activity, but he stated that the EMF’s were manmade sources (electric wiring, appliances etc.), natural, solar radiation, and geomagnetism.

Appliance checklist

Clock radios, bedside lights, TVs, computer monitors, fluorescent and halogen lights, cars, washing machines, cookers, hairdryers, cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, meter cupboards, networking computers, but check all electrical items as all items give readings, however the above are at the higher level of readings.

It should be suggested that you take all of the above into account when you are investigating paranormal activity.

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