Llandrindod Wells – History

Last year I stayed in Llandrindod Wells, a lovely place and well worth a visit.  I decided not to do any research beforehand.  I stayed in the Glen Usk Hotel, in a single room.  One night I heard footsteps and had the feeling of someone in the room with me, even thou I could see nothing, maybe I was over tired. Since I have found nothing to suggest the place is haunted.

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Opposite the hotel is a green area called the temple gardens.  While investigating the area, I discovered it is thought by some that there were once some standing stones.  Initially I felt nothing.  The next night I went back and felt the same feeling to when I have visited woodhenge.  It is hard to explain what I felt. It was like ancient people were about of all ages, a strange magical/mystical feeling, like I did at woodhenge.  As you can see from the photos I took, it is of mixed opinions to what the stones were.  Maybe it was psychologically on my part to what I felt.

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A site showing Roman earthworks of the area.

Historical paranormal sightings include the bridge near to Disserth Church.  A figure described as having a cloak and hood was witnessed by a driver and passenger in June 2008. During March of 2009 a ghost was reported to have been seen by a son in the families’ garden.  A UFO was witnessed in 2005, described as a bright yellow oblong shape; it was seen 10-15 feet of the ground, travelling horizontally.  The Albert Hall is thought to be haunted and ghost hunts are held there, but I cannot find any more information on what or who haunts the Hall.

An interesting story I found on the net.

A building worth staying at would be the highlands moors guest house, previously known as Highlands Moors, it was previously a spa hotel which opened in 1911 as six springs were discovered nearby.  During 1915 the Red Cross turned it into a military hospital during the First World War into the 1920’s and then became a hotel.  During 1932 it became a sanatorium treating boys with asthma and TB.  From 1958 to 1994 the building was occupied by the Missionary Sister of Verona Convent.  During 2003 it became the highland moors guest house.


The Hotel Commodore would also be worth staying at and was originally a rectory to Archdeacon de Winton, when he died in 1885; Doctor Greenway then bought it a year later. Changed the name to Plas Winton Hotel. He built two further storeys. The hotel became a training camp and hospital to the Royal Army Medical Corps during the First World War to treat injured and sick soldiers.  After the war it was re-named and has not changed since.

Brief history



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Rock Park history.




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Hotel Metropole – History

The old pump house – History

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2 responses to “Llandrindod Wells – History

  1. welp you are not wrong there. i used to live there and yet every time i visite i get an overwhelming feeling of dread. another place that is creepy is an abandoned house by the council hall and primary school as it is very creepy and i have seen things there. the metropole, my uncle works there and has ghost sightings including a photo that i have seen.
    the forest where those photos were taken, I SAW THE HOODED FIGURE!!! i was talking with my dad whilst taking a shot cut through the forest when i saw a figure wearing a cloak and holding a syth by the tunnel and was hysterical with fear. not to mention the little girl ghost and the amount of death that i am aware has happened. 2 murders 1 death in the church and many more attacks and that is just my life time which is not long so i fully agree with your sightings. i actually avoid the town at all costs now.

  2. Thank you Rebecca for replying and sharing all the information you have shared, i find it really interesting, if i ever go back there, i will check the areas out you have said and do some more research.

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