Ghosts of Ipswich, Suffolk

Ghosts of Ipswich

Christchurch Mansion is known to have paranormal activity and when visiting, you can feel an atmosphere in certain areas of the building. Two children and a maid have been seen in the picture gallery, upstairs, dancing and laugh around the mansion.   The maid is said to be in a long straight dress, hair up and in her late twenties to early thirties.  A Victoria woman has been seen walking through a closed glass door.  Pictures on the wall have moving around and a painting on the ground, flying across the room.

Gipprswyk Hall has a white lady that is seen in the upper part of the hall and has been seen by several witnesses.  One report said a strange mist came from the chimney and this occurs during the full moon.

The crown Hotel on Felixstowe Road had reports in 2010 of the piano playing but no one was there.  In bedroom two, a face of a woman, looking down has been seen.  Crashing sounds have been heard.

The Woolpack, Tuddenham Road, is said to have an Admiral Grog (real name Admiral Edward Vernon) haunt the place in uniform.  A local spirit named Fred has been seen having a drink.  There are tunnels running from the pub to the docks as the pub was used by smugglers.  Other hauntings are of a monk, seen as a grey figure, a sailor that drowned and an ex proprietor.  Witness have seen glasses fly of the tables.

 The Rep Public House, when it was a theatre had a visit from Albert, watching performances in the fourth or fifth row but he was considered a lucky omen.

McGinty’s Public House, the proprietor was saved from being electrocuted when something turned all the fuses off.  One of the walls within the pub is supposed to sound like a faint heartbeat.

The Great White Horse Hotel is quite well known for being haunted and I have had the pleasure of investigating here.  The grey lady, Flossie Fluyd was thought to have died in a fire in the early 1920s and has been seen walking through a wall. The building now houses branches of Starbucks and Cotswold Outdoor.

Large Cat’s, have been seen in and around Ipswich.  During 1996 on the A12 near Ipswich.  During June 1996, a black cat was seen near pet cemetery on Tuddenham Road, it had a jet-black coat and a big as a tiger. During August 2006 on Felix Road, there was two separate reporting of a large cat.  The first was on Felix road at 3.30am and the second sighting two hours later on Foxhall road, the cat was described as being larger than a normal cat but not as big as a panther.  A witness came forward in the 2000’s and said the cat was a black Labrador.

UFO’s are seen regularly in Suffolk and I will list a few in the Ipswich area.  On the A12 after the Orwell bridge, a bright light moved around in the skies, before going off at speed, vertically into the clouds (1990’s).  During August 2006 at 4.00am, on the A12 heading towards Felixstowe on the Orwell bridge.  Two spinning lights were seen and were in front of one driver for several miles; later other reports were seen on Nacton Road at the same time.

Poltergeist’s, Foxhall road in a flat above a shop, loud bangs heard, black and grey shadow figures, a crying baby and footsteps heard.  Eagle Street, items were thrown around and powder unknown was found around the house.  At Lakeland Plastics, displays have been moved around and thought to be the deceased witch, Mother Lakeland.  Now open to the public is a 15th century chapel.

Schools, Rose hill, a female photographer was seen in the assembly hall during the 1940’s.  A Police reported seeing a figure disappear at Chantry High School during the 1970‘s.

A man in grey clothing and a hat has been seen on the Cemetery lane / Belvedere Road junction; he stepped out in front of a car and then vanished.  The Lairs (Pipers Vale) a person has been spotted standing in this area, suggestions are it could be one of the suicide victims, which met their death on Orwell bridge.  A spirit horse has also been heard here.  On Dale road at the Dales, a Roman solider was seen by two children on the parkland, he vanished after being spotted.

Railway Station, in 2013, witnesses have said the sound of laughter by children is heard.  A feeling of uneasy is felt.  A woman has been seen in a mirror and in areas that should be empty.

Tourist Information Centre, St Stephens Church, two elderly females have been seen and are thought to be sisters who attended the church, playing the organ.

The Buttermarket, now WS Cowells.  This was once the site of a monastery.  A monk has been seen on several occasions, two women have been reported as fainting after seeing the monk.  A male night shift worker, fled after seeing the figure.  Footsteps have been heard.  It is thought that treasure was hid down a well, when they were under attack, but still remain there.

Tower Ramparts, boxes fall of shelves in a shop and a grey man walks around.  A little girl is seen looking through the staircase bars.

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