UFO/Drone sighting over Haverhill, Suffolk.,

Date of sighting: 21/01/2016
Time of Sighting: Roughly 3.30pm
Location/place of sighting: Over a field in the distance  Haverhill Suffolk
Other witnesses, if so how many: 2
Please describe as much as you can: Me, my friend & my daughter were walking back from picking her up from school heading to my friends house when we got a quarter of the way down the hill & my friend said what’s that? I said what she pointed to a massive field we could see in the near distance past the houses & it looked not too far from the res, I looked & saw what looked like a long thin black frisby in the sky & was just hovering we walked further down the hill to try get closer & it stayed there it was moving how you would expect a person would float in space it was just weird! My daughter then asked what we were going on about & I lifted her up & pointed to the fields where it was & she said “ohh I can see it I’ve seen one of them on chicken little ” id never seen chicken little but my friend said she’s right there’s a space craft that looks similar in the film. We just carried walking down the hill not far from her house the next thing we saw was an army helicopter  heading in the same direction as the the black disc thing in the sky we ran down the hill to see if we could see what was going on but as we got to the bottom of the hill we couldn’t see anything as the houses were in the way I did pull my phone out half way up the hill before we see the helicopter but my battery was dead. I did try & search for any sightings of the same thing on the same date but found nothing & once we got to her house we ran upstairs to see if we could see anything but we couldn’t see a thing. My partner said it could of been a drone but I’m not too convinced, it was very odd!

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