Diary of paranormal 2011-2013

Hi everyone,

For a few years now I have written a diary of unexplained occurences while living at different addresses.  I have decided to type these notes up and share with everyone.  I will start with the property I am currently living in.  This property is in Norwich, but obviously I will not give out my address.  I will then work backwards as I think this will be easier.  This will be typed as written.  Is everything paranormal, make your own minds up.

December 2011

About 2 weeks after I got the keys to this property, myself and a friend K were alone in the house in the evening.  We both heard a loud bang from the smaller room (daughter 1 room).  No logical answer was found as nothing was in the room at the time as we had not moved in at this point.  Later a loud noise was heard from the living room, while we were in the living room, no logical answer was found as nothing was in the area of the noise either.

10th December 2011

The day we moved in, in the evening, i heard footsteps in the living room, while myself and a friend M were in the kitchen, I ran into the living room and no-one was there, I thought it might have been one of the girls come back, but it was not.  The footsteps were very clear, like men’s shoes or heels.  Friend M saw something at the back of the living room, described as black male.


I always felt that not many people had lived in this house, even thou it was built in the 1930’s.

Had items go missing to re-appear and a female child voice was heard.

I have had problems with the electrics within a week of getting the keys to this property, the electric goes off for no reason.

Cats keep wanting to go through the walls and looking at ceiling and watching something.

While in the bathroom, I heard a few times, what sounded like furniture being moved around (daughter 2’s room).  Later daughter 1 said she had hard this. Daughter 2 was not moving furniture around and happened when she was not in the house.

30th December 2011.

I heard footsteps outside the back of the house, approx midnight.

Daughter 2 and friend independently informed me, they had heard footsteps outside the front of the house for ages, they checked but could not see anyone.

5th January 2012

Daughter 1 and her boyfriend heard the phone ring, late at night and when I checked the phone, the last call was on the 3rd January.

Had a maintenance man here, checking the boiler, to see if it was the cause of the electric turning off, he could not find a fault.  While he was here, he got a phone call, the convo ended and the phone turned itself off, he was confused and had to take the battery out and he assured me, that it had never happened again.

6th January 2012

At about 5am, a loud bang on the front door, no-one was there.  Nearly every day something ends up broken.

9th January 2012

2.51pm, stood next to friend M in the kitchen and my phone rang his phone, my phone was in my pocket in a case and automatically locks.

28th January 2012

Daughter 2, heard a knock on the front door, no-one was there, but she did not want to rule out the living.

30th january 2012

Loud noise in my bedroom, can’t explain it, never heard it before either.

31st January 2012

Two noises heard in my bedroom, different to the night before.

1st February 2012

Back door opened on its own, I shut it and made sure it was shut and then later again it opened and there was 4 witnesses.


Later on in the year,  the front door opened on its own and daughter 2, said the door handle did not move.  I checked outside and no-one was in sight at all, witnessed by 4 people.  I have wind chimes on both door and on both accounts the wind chimes did not make a sound.

During May, August and September, the front door kept opening on own and on one occasion it closed itself.

August/September, door opened on its own again, daughter 1 was outside and saw a figure of a woman walk from our front door, down our path and down the road away from the house.

Tapping on my bedroom window, noises in the same room.  Seeing a figure standing in the hallway up stairs, sometimes by my bedroom door and daughter 2 bedroom doorway.

Daughter 2, knocked on daughter 1 bedroom door and heard a male voice say, hello.


Front door continued to open for no reason and no sound of wind chimes.

Tv turned itself on a couple of times, no explanation for this, considering I don’t watch tv that often.

Daughter 1 saw a male figure in her room, by the window.

Seeing and feeling there was someone outside my bedroom.

I have had the electrics checked so many times by different people and there is no answer to why the electricity goes off, I still have this problem in April 2014.

I am the 4th family to have lived in this house, so my feelings of not many people living here, was correct and I find this amazing of a house that was built in the 1930’s.

So far in 2014 things have been quiet in the house and nothing really to report, maybe the past residents are now happy with us and I keep the front door locked at all times.









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