Diary of paranormal 2005-2006

I was living in a 3 bedroom house in New Costessey, Norwich, UK.

30th September 2005

A friend D and myself were sitting in the kitchen at the table, we both heard a bang and saw  a roll of bin bags fly across the kitchen.  My Cat got scared by this and would not even enter the hallway leading to the kitchen.  Two hours later he was still scared.  We ruled out kids, cats and put it as unexplained as the bin bags were under a worktop and the height they were flying through the air was higher than the level of the worktop.

1st October 2005

For several weeks now, unexplained things have been happening in my house.  for example on the 12th September, the remote control landed on the sofa, it seemed like it had been thrown, but no-one could have done that.  The next day, strange noises were heard, sort of banging sound.

26th/27th September 2005

Daughter 2, saw a figure outside of her room, she was scared and we were talking about normal things and she came out with this.  I put a crystal on top of her door frame and the next morning it was across the other side of the room on the floor, my daughter could not reach this crystal.

7th March 2006

Daughter 1 turned off the dvd play and the radio on my stereo came on, playing Whitney – always love you, i hate this song, the stereo was turned off as earlier i had been playing cd’s all day and you to have press a button on the stereo to change to radio.  The remote control for the stereo was underneath paper in trays on the computer desk.  We checked the tv remote and dvd remote and none of them worked the stereo system.  I instantly thought of a friend when this played (she is alive).  Before this happened, daughter 1 and myself were looking for a ring that she said she put on the kitchen table and it was not there, the ring said best friends.

20th April 2006

I use to take my girls swimming at a private local swimming pool.  One day the girls experienced the following.

Daughter 2, i closed my eyes and saw a girl, the girl was old with greyish hair, her hair was up to her shoulders and looked like her own hair.  The second time i saw her, she had hair like Jerri, in it’s raining men, blonde, with the same black jumper as before.  The third time i saw her, she was floating in the air.  Me and my mum think that she was young and got turned old and then died of old age.

Daughter 1, i saw a woman who looked like my mum, she looked like she had something around her neck.  Also i saw a sword and later a gun and a hand with a glow, like healing me and my sister.   I felt she was a witch, i asked if she was a healer and she answered yes and she was accused of being a witch and was killed because everyone thought she was a witch, during Hopkins time.


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  1. I would also really like 2 find other places in Orton goldhay Peterborough that are poss haunted.can u help?

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