Rendlesham Forest UFO case linked to Sedona, Arizona

By Steve Hammons
New and possibly significant information has emerged about the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident that involved U.S. Air Force personnel.
Sedona, Arizona, has been named as a location that may have been identified in a mysterious alleged psychic transmission to one of the Air Force security police officers who claimed to have had a very close encounter with a strange craft in Rendlesham Forest.
Sedona has long been known as not only a magnificently beautiful place drawing visitors from all over the world and serving as a location for many movies since the 1920s, but also the site of various kinds of unusual, and some say uplifting, phenomena.

2 responses to “Rendlesham Forest UFO case linked to Sedona, Arizona

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  2. Interesting I suppose.However this sort of story seems to have the Oh Gee Golly Gosh factor in the sense just seems too good to be true.I mean the co-ordinates would just have to line up {more or less} with sites that are already have been invested and reinvested with a great deal of mystique and legend.They would not line up with Auties Flo and her washing line,Tescos in Bangor and Teds Chip Emporium in Hackney.

    It just seems like a concocted story at least as far as the co-ordinates are concerned that please all sorts of New Agers and for more uncritical of the UFO community by buying into beliefs they may already hold.Confirmation of a not very scientific sort.

    Much of this seems to function on the hearsay level.If there is a supposed connection between Sedona and other places of special mystical interest.Someone needs to show just how the figures were derived and provide convincing proof of connection.

    This will convince no one who is not already a believer in some way.Its a nice story thats all and one more piece of UFO mythology in the making,being woven on the loom of the present.

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