Interesting but make your own minds up!



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  2. Hits all the gobbledegook buttons only too well,orgone energy,grey aliens,conspiracy,crop circles,illuminati etc,etc.Well he has a Russian accent so that obviously proves that he has been a Cosmonaunt I suppose.If you already believe this sort of stuff its going to be proof.If you do not and I certainly do not, you will not.Someone with a accent talking nonsense and probably making money and getting too, attention,cause he has all the right verbal hooks for a kneejerk reaction from true believers.My word how this goes on,I could just nod off.

  3. Just when I was getting sleepy he finished.It was a layer cake of everything presently trending in the wonderful world of UFOs.Makes me ashamed to declare and interest in the phenomena.He and the sort of people who gather round to hear speakers like him,buy their videos read their books etc just get in the way of anything serious and genuine discussions with their Guru-I know the truth attitudes.Its everything thats wrong with Ufology and draws the crowds,but count me out in a big way.

  4. edward your a fool. you can’t say this guy isn’t the real deal because you don’t know. just like i can’t say he is the real deal because i don’t know. no proof means you can’t judge it right or wrong.

    • Jack,I have no need to argue with you though there is no need to call someone you do not know a fool.However I suggest that you tune into the nonsense he is spouting and ask yourself does this sound real or not.I did and it does not.To repeat it sounds like the sort of things that appeal to some in the UFO world and yes I can say that he does not sound like the real deal because he does not.What he says sounds like fantasy and part of the growing mythology around UFOs{whatever they are}.I have been following UFO accounts since I was a teenager and eventually became aware of the strong element of sheer fabrication that bedevils many accounts.

      With regard to proof. That he provides none suggests to me not that we cannot judge him, but rather that he has none and needs none with the audience he addresses.I think that anyone who makes incredible assertions need to be asked for proof,perhaps you do not.

      Perhaps he believes the stuff he says,perhaps he does not.Perhaps he is Russian,perhaps he has been a Cosmonaunt.Would that make him immune from imposture and the lure of money or even from delusion?We should still ask questions that require the provision of evidence or we are the real fools.

      We regard finally to agnosticism with regard to him ,I cannot know,you cannot know etc-If it clucks like a chicken it probably is a chicken.

      • lol. that triggered a hell of a response. calling you a fool was a little premature i agree. and yes there ar alot of gullible people who would believe anything you tell them, so i don’t blame you for assuming i was one. I never saw chickens fly in space before:). the video and the russian can’t be verifiable without evidence i agree, but you can’t not believe in the serious possibility of this being true due to lack of evidence. im not a full blown agnostic, because that would narrow down logical thought to much. if you interviewed the russian, if you determind his identity, or subjected the video to educated tests, and provided proof you did so, i might agree with your assessments on this video. Lastly for someone who’s looked at the UFO phenomena since there teen years. i was wondering about your theories on other very troubling things such as super sonic jets chasing down disc shaped metallic craft with no hope of catching it. ufo’s hovering over the white house, unknown craft disabling nuclear missiles, commercial pilots reporting ufo’s (at great risk of there job), or the source of all this interest in government cover up’s, the roswell incident.

      • fuck you edward/moderator. you can’t handle someone way smarter than you so you just delete reply’s. your mother probably didn’t stop breast feeding you till you hit 12.

      • No comments were delete, your last one was not approved because i have been working and have not had time to go on here and is now showing!

      • Yes calling me a foof was premature Jack as was saying F,,you to Tracy and myself.I assume you are trying to say something now about two people you have never met, being late/slow developers in your remark about breastfeeding{or are you?}.This nicely contrasts with your assertion that you are-way smarter.Your writing suggests that you are American.I am not.In my country we do not substitute personal insult for arguement as its not considered to be-way smarter.

        I might have had a better impression had you confined yourself to the earlier posting and your perfectly sensible questions before falling prey to frustration.

      • id like to apologies to both of you for my last f u comment. i was surfing the web drunk and regret it. id never say those things sober. id still like to know your thoughts on my perfectly sensible questions as you put it. i still can’t believe or remember i posted such a stupid comment. sorry. p.s i never wanted a argument.

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