Investigation at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

I had the pleasure of being able to investigate this wonderful venue 6 years ago, it was a public night, so not as strict as we normally would be and of course over time your investigating change, but this is the report as it was then, i have changed nothing.


RadioBroadlandKidz joined forces with staff from Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse and Npeg to raise funds of nearly £7200 for local charities and community groups was raised by about 60 people.
Npeg helped by raising £239.50 and by giving our time free of charge.
Moon phase: Waning Gibbous 61%full
Weather Conditions: Low: 6°C, Fog (from 4.00pm), clearing later, with winds (midnight) Wind: From the West Southwest at 24 mph, Max. Humidity: 86 % (predicted from Dereham,
Npeg Members: Tracy M, Mark, Jane, Tracy J, Louise, Gemma, Kelly and Jackie.

Tracy’s dictaphone was placed on the windowsill in the school room near the abacus and Tracy’s camera was on the windowsill near the piano. Marks dictaphone was placed on the piano and Marks camera was placed on top of the cupboard at the back, near the toilets.

The emf meter went off down the aisle and Sally said her left arm was hurting. Most of us heard a squeak, the door opened, but lady at the back said she had shut the door, some debate over, if door stays shut or not. The emf meter was going off, sitting at the front on the left side. A light was seen. There was a tap behind Tracy, Tracy asked if the spirit wanted to play and the emf meter went to red (20mg+) in response to this question. John and others heard a thud, not sure if it was from outside or not. The emf meter went too red again, when asked if boy, but did not respond when asked if girl. Sally felt the presence of the boy, felt he was shy, Sally went really hot on her face and chest and Sally proceeded to lose the use of her legs and had to be taken outside. The boy went as he was upset that he might of hurt Sally, Tracy talked to the boy. Sally came back in and felt she looked like his mother, Carl and Mark got the name Tom and Thomas independent of each other. Sally saw a white light around the room and got really hot again; someone felt Thomas was aged about 6 or 7. Sally’s legs was being affected again, but interestingly some thought he had left as it had got colder, mind you Sally was at the back of the room and the others were at the front of the room.
Noises and other stuff caught on Dictaphone still to be checked.

GROUP B – 8.40PM
Gemma moved the bead on the abacus, 4 beads on row 4 on the floor standing one and 2 beads on row 6 on the windowsill, but nothing moved. This room got darker; Rosalyn saw a shadow by the 2nd window on the right by the 2nd abacus on the windowsill.
Nothing caught on Tracy’s dictaphone.

GROUP C – 9.20PM
Ellie said she could see a small figure near the marbles (9.30pm). Both Pam and Ellie saw a change in Marks face and Ellie said she saw Mark had a hump on his shoulder. Mark moved the top row beads on the abacus, 2 across and 2 across on the 5th row, when Mark checked the 4th row bead had moved.

GROUP D – 10.00PM
A bang from the back of the room, in the toilet area. Some also heard faint music. Jackie moved the abacus beads but nothing paranormal happened. Karen done psychometry on a desk, front right, the 3rd desk and got the name of Edward, ginger hair, aged 7 years old. Ruth felt like a shadow sat on the piano about to play. At 10.30pm, asking out and it was believed that the marbles moved. No emf readings. Listening to the dictaphone someone gets the name Tom but nothing else was recorded on Tracy Dictaphone.

GROUP E – 10.40PM
Just before we left, we heard a noise to the back of the room, moving position, and dull thud noise, no movement of abacus.

GROUP F – 11.30PM
Posh Harry in tow!
We entered and Louise and one other had feeling of pressure and sickness in the central aisle near the front of room. Asked out and saw several lights, red, green, blue and white in various area of the room. It was noticed that the left side as you face the front was colder and became freezing. Asked out for sounds and light, the lights were sometimes seen in response and with praise, again straight away. I stood at the back as Paul and member of public reported it was freezing. It was freezing up to my mid thigh on one occasion and a bit higher another. I asked if they were near me and sensed a little boy, Simon came to mind. I asked him to hold my hand. I asked him to go to the front to Harry and we seemed to have him running between us. My left hand went freezing and I asked if he was holding my hand Paul’s emf meter went crazy and highest up to 4 around my hand. I saw an individual finger appear to move and lift in order to access the biro I held, which I asked to be taken and i could feel rings of real iciness like fingers around my finger at one point. As Harry asked him to come and see him again Paul noted the emf on my hand which i left in the same place to check, went lower, he also verified it felt less cold. Also, the names of Tabitha, by myself and Daniel Bliston and Martin given by public. Faint music also heard.
The only Martin i could find was a Martin Tuffts, no age given, no relatives in 1851.

Marbles moved, some knocking, gate? Swinging.
The marbles seemed to have moved, and from photo evidence we are able to put a time limit to when they moved, but the footage seems to indicate that there is no human intervention, but Mark’s camera did not record, so we can not rule out human intervention as we need two angles of the trigger objects to rule out human intervention, so this will have to remain open for the present time. There were no emf readings in the school room during the prelim. It is also interesting that two separate groups got the name Tom.

GROUP G – 8.00PM
Lots of noises, shingle moving outside, dripping noise and stop and started. Jane got the name of Michael, 1848, Lewis smelt smell of horses in little back room and Gemma saw orange colour faces on the little back room.

GROUP A – 8.40PM
Karl got the name Stan and Mark saw a woman sitting in a chair by the stove and got the name Mavis (Mark later described seeing her like the plaque/picture of the woman on the stairs) but he felt she preceded this building. Bangs and taps heard. Emf reading in the tramp area, going to red and there were no electrics in this area as Tracy checked. Lots of orbs were seen in the post office area and lights/orbs in the blacksmith area. Dowsing: two lots of dowsing were done, but only have a record of one lot of dowsing done by Alison and questions asked by Tracy. Mary Davis, died 1800’s had 1 daughter who lived here, worked here, did not like it here, musical when alive, Alison asked questions as the rods were playing tunes when using them, she sung. Daughter called Mavis, the number 36 relevant, she died here.

GROUP D – 9.20PM
The chain in the far right rattled and witnessed by Martin, Gemma, Ruth, Jenny and Lisa. Far left room, chain moved, witnessed by Sophie, Tom, Karen, Claire and Nell. Noises were heard of a stone rolling, taps and squeaks. The centre of the main shop was Kerry and Darren G, Jenny bag was kicked, no feet or person near the bag. I boot print in the corner. No emf readings. The far right chain swing again and vertical thread of lights, this was witness by Tom and Nell. Sophie thought she was touched. In the mains shop area, smells of sulphur and bad cheese were smelt.

GROUP C – 10.00PM
Nothing noted.

GROUP B- 10.40PM
Tap in the corner, near the potatoes for sale. Roberts’s radio fuzzed twice but Sues did not and she was sitting next to Robert.

GROUP E – 12.15AM
Kelly thought she followed someone into the room at the end but no one was there, moan and shuffling and whispering heard in end room.

GROUP D – 8.00PM
Door to the stair, opened and shut and closed, banged. Kerry had a warm right hand; cold hands by others, right hand, Kerry also had cold knees. Tom felt a gentle push. The emf meter when up in the middle of the room. In the Toilets, dripping light seen outside at the window, top left pane, left side. No emf readings.

GROUP E – 8.40PM

temperature drop. Blue orb seen with eyes and white light seen and red light on wall behind someone’s head. Stairs, 2 people saw black shadow at bottom right hand corner and person saw flash at same time. Toilets, got an orb on photo.

GROUP G – 10.00PM
Flashing lights on the stairs, cold spots around the legs.

No one felt anything in the cell.

GROUP H – 10.40PM
White flashing light was seen.

GROUP B – 12.15AM
Nothing noted here.

GROUP C – 8.00PM
Pam felt the bed vibrate and could not breath. Louise felt a brush across her head while on the bed and Louise and Kate was getting emf readings on the bed. Pam and Ali were scrying, Pam saw Ali’s face going from being young to really old, hair receding at the front, hair curly to straight. Ali saw Pam’s face change, went old and was like their mum’s, and then really old, odd so wrinkly, looked like melting, eyes really black.

GROUP G – 8.40PM
Jackie, the emf meter went to red by the mangle and then back to normal. Louise felt a tap on her back and coldness, Scott felt emotional. Someone felt his or her hand being touched, Scott crying. Dowsing: teenager named Emily, lived here with parent, no brothers or sisters, worked here but did not like it here. Dowsing by the mangle by Lewis: female adult called Mary, not here with husband, had children (3-5) but not with here in workhouse, use to use the mangle, travelled the country, worked here, died here.
Found an Emily Mayes, bastard child 1870 and an Emily Hayhoe, child of Charles 1912, also found Emily Luison, aged 14 in 1887.

GROUP A – 9.20PM
Stood in the small roped off room (too right) Tracy, Lisa and some others heard a male groan/moan. John sat on the chair at the table (far wall) and felt like he had sat on someone. Sally felt ill, stomach. Emf meter was going off to red; someone’s legs went shaky near the roped area, the emf meter going off again. Lisa heard a mild huh/breathe; Sally’s legs cold and wobbly, knees were cold. Sally moved into the bedroom area and felt cold in here, all felt cold in the bedroom, and people’s knees were shaking in the bedroom. Carl sat in the chair at the table, the same one John sat in and he got a cold draft around his ankles, the temperature reading started at 16.4c and then dropped rather quickly to 11.6c, we witnessed this on the temperature gage. And then it very slowly rose to 13.6c and then stayed there but then Carl could feel the coldness went and then came back, but we had to leave so we could not continue with the temperature changes. Different smells of lavender, Cinnamon and urine. I personally think the lavender smell was due to the fact there was lavender in the room and also we had been waiting outside in the rain to come in here and people were standing against the rather large lavender bush.
During the vigil we asked for the clock to be affected as it was rather loud but it was not affected.

GROUP B – 10.00PM
The clock started in the parlour and then stopped and started again, asked out and the clock speeded up. Gemma and Robert had cold breeze across their legs. Temperature in the bedroom area 13.9C. Dowsing by Sue: male adult, cannot spell, no children, not local to area, too old to work, died here in 1742, buried here. Here before workhouse, use to be farm, worked on farm not owned it, died of illness and buried on farm. The main buildings of the workhouse were erected in 1776-7.

GROUP D – 11.30PM
No emf readings. The clock changed tempo, muffled. Beside the bed, funny smell, antiseptic, Lisa had a numb chin, Karen felt sick, Claire felt uneasy, felt cold, Jackie got an orb on the bed. Tom was by himself and felt nothing. Gemma shone torch under the bed, when entered, no sagging to bed mattress, before left looked like the mattress was sagging.

GROUP F – 12.15AM
Cherry tree cottage also got nothing, we did try dowsing and got a possible male, no one with him and then he stopped responding.
Group A asked for something to happen to the clock and it is interesting that the two groups after group A, had something happen with the clock.

GROUP H – 8.00PM
Tracy Dowsing: woman died in 30’s, lived, worked and died here. She had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Christmas bell moved when we asked for it to move.

GROUP E – 10.00PM
Asked out but felt flat so did dowsing in pairs, emf spiked to top at front of the chapel and over the chair on its own at the front of the chapel. Dowsing: 1: an adult, had one daughter, lived her, liked it here and died here, name Hannah, in the work house less than 10 years, was a Jacket lady, coloured green. 2: adult, here with husband, did not travel the country, did not work here, did not like it here, did not die here, and died 1700. 3: Male teenager, lived with parents, had brothers or sisters, worked here, liked it here, died here. Died of illness, scarlet fever, still teenager when died, no grandparents, died in epidemic, cant spell so could not give name, were people kind to you, yes and no.

GROUP F – 10.40PM
Some deliberation as to whether to dowse or not, due to the rods making a cross and crosses are not aloud in the chapel. Paul was unsure so I asked the group and suggested a pendulum. Female, lived here with husband, no children, came here with husband, died here in 1920 but husband did not die here. Came here when 18, died in childbirth aged 37, would not give name, very strongly did not like this place, not happy now, with husband and baby now. She came here at aged 18. She advised she didnt come to chapel often did not like it A large orange sized ball of white light moved between Louise and Paul and was witnessed by several; it was also not fully dark as torches were shining on crystal and on paper so i could write results.

GROUP G – 11.30PM
Dowsing: male adult called Andrew E, not here with wife, had 2 daughters that lived here as well, travelled the country, the wife died before they came here. Worked here, liked it here, died here, in 1931. Dowsing: teenager, not live here with parent/s, had brother and sisters, worked here, liked it here, name of Andrew, died here, would not give death date.

Claire, visualized priest walking in front of a coffin, down the aisle as she moved away from the door, there was a loud bang, sounded like a kick from the outside. Karen saw the same as Claire, but also felt bad feelings, saw hanging, horrible death. Jack done some psychometry on the main chapel door, images of people waiting outside, to come in rather than being seated and waiting for the priest. Ruth done some psychometry on the pulpit, felt extreme energy, passion, control but kindness, bald man, father, possible evangelist, child, girl, felt not to go on pulpit, not fear, respect for him, he felt passionate about his work but not for his people. Dowsing by Neil: adult, then got yes for teenager, lived here with parents, had brothers and sisters, lived here also, worked here, liked it here. Dowsing: adult male, here with wife, had one daughter and one son, worked here, liked it here and died here.

GROUP F – 8.00PM
Everyone was drawn to want to go in play area. EMF measured by the gate and came up at 2-3 but also with periodic higher fluctuations. Seemed highest on the gate and locality and to right as facing gate. Also measured for several metres along perimeter going right. One group member was convinced that there was “something” in the left orchard area. Several lights caught on photos by group members but as it was raining it was likely they were raindrops, however Louise and 3 others all saw a large white light move in playground directly in front of gate. We ruled out reflection from cars on the road as nothing to reflect off. Cold spots occurred under gate and the emf meter was kept in situ for 10 mins whilst asking out and requested any spirit to approach and affect it, both times it lost all reading and regained on request, never fluctuating apart from these times in this position.

GROUP B – 9.20PM
Dowsing by Kelly: a teenager aged 13, lived here with grandparents and then the dowsing stopped (possible male).

GROUP A – 10.00PM
Dowsing gate to play area by Alison: the children didnt mind us being there, didnt want to play, safe for them to be here but did not wander from this area, safe and happy when here, but had to think about it. Came here without mum and dad, with other children on playground, no brothers or sisters, lived at Dereham. Dowsing by entrance gate to orchard/burial: Norman, died peacefully, wanted to play with them, they got emf readings by the gate near where they were dowsing, older man on own, the emf readings also came and went.

GROUP D – 10.40PM
An apple landed beside Jenny next to the gate, thrown by a bloke wearing a red jacket, no emf readings.

GROUP H – 11.30PM
Emf meter up to 3, near entrance to play area, morgue, nothing.

GROUP G – not sure of time
Carl got a 15-year-old boy that worked here.

GROUP H – 8.40PM
Jane dowsing: child aged 7, female, with other children, whooshing sound on 1st room, unable to tell how many in corner.

GROUP F – 9.20PM
On entering the first part of the laundry by machines Louise immediately felt very sick and pressure in her chest and solar plexus. One member sensed an accident involving someone’s right arm! We were all drawn straight to the far end, and the TV equipment was also noted at this point not to be working, again! The emf also went crazy. It was 8 degrees colder in here than outside. We heard numerous bangs both in the cupboard and in the far corner behind the sheets. Numerous light anomalies were caught on camera and also seen above a group member’s head. As an experiment at the end, when he went back to the area with Louise, we tried to get further responses with just two people. When stood by the far corner several people including myself reported light-headedness, heavy heads or headaches, in contrast to the previous area. Several also felt drawn past the ropes divide, which we could not do, and we all felt the far right corner was the most active. We took pictures at intervals where noises seemed to emanate from and got light anomalies in most.
We tried dowsing, and despite the man dowsing never having done so before, we received very prompt and angry replies. The spirit did not want to communicate and was not happy they were there. We advised we meant no harm etc, still no, I felt inclined to ask if they used to be in charge and this was their domain, yes. Were they still in charge and was this still their area, yes. Could I ask one more question, didnt even let me finish, no. Would they like us to leave now? yes. Would they make a noise before we left. They seemed very much unwilling to be a performing seal and Louise advised that out of respect we would go to other end. We had a stone or something thrown into the other end as we stood there and felt sick again there. Half of the group went out and we stood watching monitor which appeared to move and went out of focus, shadow and light seen. The sound of someone walking from the far end, as if dragging one leg and noises from inside as we left and walked past the far end windows. Other dowsing, Are you happy for us to communicate with you, no. Would you like us to leave? yes. We wish no harm etc were it ok to speak to you for a few minutes, no. Were you in charge of this area we are in, was this your domain, yes. Is it still your area? yes. Are you standing behind me? yes. Can you make another noise before we leave, no.
A not very pleasant man was sensed on the prelim, was this the same spirit? It is great that a noise was made when the spirit said they would make a noise before the group left and we had no emf readings on the prelim, so the emf readings are interesting!

GROUP E – 11.30PM
Nothing happened, thought heard footsteps outside but it was a flap banging.

GROUP C – 12.15AM
Asked out, if spirits could do anything and Johns camcorder packed up.

GROUP B – 8.00PM
At 8.10pm there was banging in the laundry room (there was no-one in the laundry room at this time), all heard this. Robert smelt a sweet smell.
Dowsing by Verity: female adult, had one son and travelled the country. Worked in Laundry, did not like it here, died here, name of Rosie, friend making noise in laundry room.
Tilney Margaret (Rose)Laundress 1847 Ex inmate
There is only records of two other female Tilney, no trace of a male son Tilney, so was this the female they got through dowsing?

Jenny felt she had a dry throat, said like dust blown down. Claire done psychometry on the bed frame, felt flushed, sore throat, closed, ache, cheeks burning. An old man, who was sick. No emf readings. Dowsing by Ruth: boy aged 3, died here at 3, with mother, doesn’t want to play, he wasn’t ill, mother on her own. Dowsing by Karen: Adult, no children, no husband here, did not work here when lived here, did not like it here, possible N for name.

GROUP E – 9.20PM
Dowsing: Child, lived here with parents, lived here with brothers and sisters, did not work here, did not like it here, Christian name of Ian. Different spirit, had brother and sisters, did not live with the spirit, worked here, did not like it here, could not spell, did not die here.

GROUP G – 10.40PM
Nothing noted in this room.

GROUP A – 11.30PM
The outside door was heard to click, the camcorder was directed at the door and something was caught on the camcorder but later examined was dust and an insect. The door was heard to make a noise by most in the room and is captured on camcorder. Dowsing by Sally but everyone asked questions: younger male, he doesn’t want us to leave this room, want to change temperature, no spirit in cupboard next to Carl, this was asked after a photo was taken of a shape in the cupboard, Mark used Johns emf meter and the meter went up outside of the cupboard but not in the cupboard.. Sally’s arm was moved while dowsing, a slight movement on her right arm was captured on camcorder; the spirit wants to play game. Npeg emf meter went to red, through dowsing gained there was another male, not the same one, will not make noise but will touch someone, shy, does mind us being here, explained we mean no harm etc, will not make noise, want us to leave this room. Someone had a bad back since walking in this room. Mark was holding John’s emf meter went off by the outside door and then went to 3mg by the beds and then really high for a while. No other spirits apart from man and boy. The older male was not banging the door; he did not want to do anything. The older male and boy did not work in this room and the older male did not live in workhouse when alive. Every time the boy is mentioned Npeg emf meter went off. Slept in bed in this room, boy is not his son but is related to the boy, brothers. The older male had a wife. Then he said no to everything and we asked if he ever said yes and he said yes and then we had to leave. Different noises were heard in the room. At one point it went very cold nr the creepy figure/sacks.

GROUP F – 12.15AM
Nothing felt so we went to the cottage.

GROUP E – 8.00PM
Board room: Cold breezes on peoples legs, shadow walked past door, A man with a moustache was felt, flashing lights on chairs, temperature 19c, and 23c at leg level.
Costume Room: cold draught on leg. Noise like fax machine from corridor, rustling and beeping, mechanical, no idea what it was, no alarms make that noise. Temperature 18c and at leg level 22c.

GROUP F – 8.40PM
Dictaphone placed on organ by door to passage. Initially nothing sensed in here but all drawn to the door to the passage. Noises like footsteps and bang heard in costume room beyond. One person thought they saw cat walk in the corridor towards the waggon room. We all decided to go into passage and through to the costume room, on entering the costume room the temperature was observed to fluctuate up and down in seconds over a 6deg C gradient on more than one occasion. Louise became very cold quickly and had a feeling of pressure in my chest and increasing difficulty breathing. Also felt sick, mouth salivating as if going to be sick and everyone in the passage area experienced this to some degree. Everyone in the passage and at one point experienced a freezing draft in time; we checked doors and found no draft of any significance or temp different, as the door was not external. I stood in the doorway to the boardroom and had a rushing feeling of energy and sudden sense of someone now behind me in the boardroom. I can only describe this as, someone walking through me, it wasn’t pleasant. I started a dowsing session in the boardroom and we seemed to have a lady who died from a bleed in the brain, she had no children and died at Gressenhall, following a short illness. She refused to give any name details and came there with her husband (not staff). She stopped communication as another group passed in the corridor outside and we seemed to lose her for a while, as if she was scared to continue. Once the group left we heard a bit more from her. Interestingly, during this time, lights were seen turning on and off in a room since confirmed as not being on motion sensors, which means they should not have been on, as noone was there. Further, a dark figure was seen going past the door at speed and was checked but noone was in the vicinity at this time. Dowsing, female adult, did not live here with husband, no children, did not work here, not a nurse, didnt not like it here, did not come here as a child, not an orphan, came here as an adult. Died here, 30 years old, died of illness, with brain bleed, not a long illness, would not give a name. Anne came to mind but no form reply when asked.
It would be interesting to know if names were an issue as 2 females both were unwilling to give them. Something was caught on the dictaphone in this area at approx 9.05pm.

GROUP G – 9.20PM
The corridor between the Waggon room and board rooms, a flashing light was seen. In the Waggon room, footsteps, knocking, flashing lights, childish whispers and a whole different feeling.

GROUP H – 10.00PM
Cold breezes on hands, all sat on table, hands flat on surface, little fingers touching.

GROUP A – 10.40PM
Pinprick of red and pink lights were seen. Costume room lights were seen. The emf meter went off on the top of the table, thought to be the tablecloth, everyone felt calm in the boardroom.

GROUP C – 11.30PM
The emf meter went up to 2 green bars when standing on the table on its own, with no one touching it. Linda had picture of skeletons in the Costume room. The emf meter went up to 2 green bars, again, Lesley and Ali both saw a shadow at the doorway. Ali thought she saw a shadow behind the screen in the costume room.
The emf readings on the table are interesting as not all groups got emf readings and the groups that did get the readings, followed each other into that room and we had no emf readings on the table during the prelim, as i remember distinctly that i checked the table for emf readings.

GROUP D – 8.00PM
Door to the stair, opened and shut and closed, banged. Kerry had a warm right hand; cold hands by others, right hand, Kerry also had cold knees. Tom felt a gentle push. The emf meter when up in the middle of the room. In the Toilets, dripping light seen outside at the window, top left pane, left side. No emf readings.
GROUP E – 8.40PM
Temperature drop. Blue orb seen with eyes and white light seen and red light on wall behind someone’s head. Stairs, 2 people saw black shadow at bottom right hand corner and person saw flash at same time. Toilets, got an orb on photo.
GROUP G – 10.00PM
Flashing lights on the stairs, cold spots around the legs.
No one felt anything in the cell.
GROUP H – 10.40PM
White flashing light was seen.
GROUP B – 12.15AM
Nothing noted here.

GROUP H – 9.20PM
Dowsing: female, born and died here, had 2 sisters, child aged 3, first name Ann, last name Ha, died 1902, mum worked in the laundry, breezes across hands and legs.

GROUP F – 10.00PM
As we all went upstairs one member of group was lagging behind. I leaned over from top of stairwell and saw a dark figure go very fast into main display area, followed by my group member. I asked him again to hurry and that we were all up here all ready, he looked around and continued past the foot of the stairs, and then up as I asked again. He was following the figure I had seen thinking it was me; I had assumed it was another group member lagging behind, but the room was empty as he quickly checked. Not much sensed here. We were all drawn to far end and sat on the chairs and rug here asking out. We had a cold spot between Paul, and me, which went from 23deg C to 16 deg C very quickly and was felt by others in similar places between people. Tried dowsing but seemed to be played with as 2 people tried and both kept getting rods thrown backwards to point at them. Walking out and sensed again as on prelim that we were being watched from end of the rows of cabinets, felt it was a child, orb possibility on photo.

GROUP C – 10.40PM
We asked out and we heard banging noises.

GROUP B – 11.30PM
Nothing noted here.

GROUP A – 12.15AM
We went through to the end where the clock was and all sat on floor, it was cooler in here than other parts of the room. Someone saw a light in the corner nr the doors, Mark checked with the emf meter and got readings of up to 7mg. Mark had cold around his legs, the right side of the door and then he felt his legs warming up, his hands and arms went tingly, still getting emf readings in area (but could be wires under the floor), he felt like his fingers were swelling up, he felt there was more than one child, felt like kids running around him, wanting to hold his hands. He moved as he felt his feet were going to catch fire. There was cold spells/drafts going between people, kids playing around. It got colder by the cabinet area and Carl felt draft was coming from behind him (clock area), the cold spells was described as like someone opening a door, gusts were on the floor about a foot off the floor. Temperature recorder showed it was colder. Someone felt warm on one side and cold on the other side. There was a hot spot (by 1c) in the middle of the cold spot between two people, a possible orb on camcorder, checking footage shows it was dust/insect. It is interesting that two groups had similar experiences of cold spots in the same area.

GROUP D – 12.50AM
Gemma felt sick, butterflies, nervous, Claire felt pregnant, bloated and Karen felt sick.

GROUP C – 8.40PM
Pam said the door outside opened and shut, like someone was going through it, Steve said it was not wind as the door was too heavy. Lesley and Trace done some pendulum dowsing in the corridor, got through a 7 year old boy and a woman who didnt like them being there. Ellie said she thought that something should be in the corner, left hand side, but was not there.

CUPBOARD UNDER THE STAIRS as passing to other areas
The emf meter did not go off near the cupboard.
We got emf readings around the door of the cupboard.
This is interesting as one group got readings and another group did not.


Group C could not get the dowsing rods to work all night; this is interesting, as other groups had no problems. The emf readings were interesting, as on the prelim we had no readings at all apart from the Burial ground and by the red post box in the Seed Merchants, we seemed to get alot of emf readings on the actual night, but not all groups got readings in the same areas as other groups did. And bearing in mind we have 5 people at one time checking each room for emf readings on the prelim. Overall a very interesting night and many thanks to the Gressenhall Staff for being wonderful and thanks to Radio Broadland for asking us to help for a 2nd year and of Course thanks to all Npeg members for their hard work on the night.



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