Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse – Norfolk – HISTORY

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The House of Industry is at Gressenhall, & was built in 1776/7, at the cost of £16,242, including the purchase of 61A.2R.35P of land. In 1835, it was valued at nearly £10,000, & in the following year, about £5000 was expended in repairs, alterations etc, so as to adapt it as the Union Workhouse.

The average annual expenditure from 1832-1835 was £26,684. In 1842, the expenditure, solely for the relief of in & out door poor, was £9815, & in 1843, £9021. The number of persons in the Workhouse, in July 1841, was 242. On March 18, 1844 there were 320 paupers in the house; & at one period in 1800, it had as many as 670 inmates. They are maintained & clothed at the weekly cost of 2s.4d per head. Though this large Workhouse stands in a high & healthy situation, cholera & scarlet fever, in 1834, swept away one sixth of its inmates.

Part of the land is enclosed as a burial ground, & the rest is cultivated by spade husbandry. Mr George Fras. & Mrs Whelan are master & mistress of the Workhouse; Mr Charles Wright, of Litcham, is clerk to the Board of Guardians; the Rev Joseph Thompson is chaplain; & Messrs
Fras Reynolds, Thomas Mendham & John Francis Reynolds, are the relieving officers.


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