Tracy Monger, Paranormal Investigator Q&A

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Tracy Monger, Paranormal Investigator Q&A


7 responses to “Tracy Monger, Paranormal Investigator Q&A

  1. There is something illogical about the question to start as if you give an opinion about majority of ufos etc they are not unidentified any more.However I think the majority are misidentified natural events and man made objects.All sorts of things are conflated together and become a modern fairy story or myth for our times.Reality challenged individuals{fantasy prone}journalistic and author opportunists inflate sensational and moneymaking ideas and outright liars take to lucrative international lecture circuits with their so called insider information.For all these reasons its hard to find truly objective information.

    • I still think 90% of them are man made. If you look at probably 80% of cases they are triangular and round shaped with flashing lights. Why is that so?..I think they are military and we are being told they are UFO’s because the majority of people switch off when anyone talks about seeing a UFO.

  2. Ufos are whatever you think them to be.Everyone has their favourite ideas.Plus whats the most fashionable idea of the decade etc.Whole subject should be approached with care as I have found so much misrepresentaion in the field and sadly rather too many people who fit the crackpot stereotype only too well which is quite off putting and does not encourage anyone who wants to ask hard questions.

  3. yes, this is true. Governments just like to sweep the ufo phenomenum under the table, although I think the likes of D.Cameron probably knows next to nothing on the subject. I think you have to ask, where is all the taxpayers money going nowadays? Certainly not on what they say their spending it on. Personally I think alot gets spent on black budget stuff, man made Ufos, underground bases etc.

    • I do not know whether the underground bases etc as understood in UFO lore actually exist.People who have claimed to have worked in them as far as I can see seem to be people who want to make a quick buck by making amazing claims that cannot be verified and whose understanding of science from what I can gather is poor at best, but good enough to sound like science to non scientists.

      I do not doubt that underground bases exist as in the sense of and hardened sites for missiles built during The Cold War period as well deep shelters and monitoring sites such as those those built in The Rocky Mountains as a last redoubt in the case of a nuclear war.

      I think it likely that those sorts of preparations are likely the have fed some aspects of the ongoing UFO story.

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