Rendlesham Forest and surrounding area – UFO sighting before and after 1980

Map of East Suffolk 1963Source.

UFO Technology under R&D

Location: Bawdsey (Suffolk) – Top secret location.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1980s/1990s
Further Comments: A relatively new myth, this location is said to house downed UFO technology, under reverse engineering by UK scientists.  Source

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24 April 1909 20:00 – Ipswich, UK –   One object was observed by a male witness (Hudson).  Source.

11 May 1909 20:40 – Ipswich, UK –   One object was observed by one witness (Jackaman). Source.

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21 February 1913 Night – Ipswich, UK –   One object was observed.   Source.

24 February 1913 Night – Ipswich, UK –   One object was observed.  Source.

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Round Platform with Handrail around Edge.  Location: Aldeburgh (Suffolk) – Skies over the town.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1916.  Further Comments: A female witness watched for 5 minutes as this disk carrying a dozen men dressed like sailors flew overhead, at a height of about 30 feet.   Source 


22 September 1938 – Felixstowe, UK –   An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed.  Source.

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Radar/Visual Sighting.  Location: Rendlesham (Suffolk) – Bentwaters USAF.  Type: UFO. Date / Time: 13 August 1956.  Further Comments: Several UFOs were detected by the base’s radar, crossing the North Sea at speeds unmatched by any contemporary aircraft. One UFO was intercepted by a US fighter, but was soon lost.  Source

January 1951 – Ipswich

In 1952 at Waldringfield approximately five miles away from RAF Woodbridge

14th May, 1954 three USAF fighters (from 91st. Fighter Squadron, RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk) were scrambled.

The Lakenheath-Bentwaters Incident 13 – 14 August 1956 1956 click here for Wikipedia for more information  or  here for more information .

 Milton Torres 1957 UFO Encounter click here for Wikipedia for more information

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January 1960:- Cranford, Suffolk

9th June, 1961 – near Woodbridge

October, 1965 – Southwold

OCTOBER 1965 – Woodbridge

October 1967 –Ipswich

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February 1975 – Sizewell.  

Pair of Lights.  Location: Orford (Suffolk) – Orford Ness.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1970s.  Further Comments: A couple of men watched two lights hovering quite close to the water, which darted off at incredible speed as they approached. The area was home to Project Cobra Mist, which involved radar waves that followed the earth’s curvature.  Source.

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February 1980, Captain Lori Rehfeldt – RAF Woodbridge

March 1980 – approaching the Temple Grafton turn-off

March 1980 – Gorleston

May 1980 -Orford

June 1980 – Bentwaters/Woodbridge bases

June 1980 – Ipswich

November 1980 – Woodbridge

November 1980 – Chevron Oil owned North Sea Oil platform

28th December 1980 – A12

November, 1981 – RAF Woodbridge

Football Shaped Object.  Location: Eyke (Suffolk) – Skies over Eyke.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1980s.  Further Comments: Just down the road from the famous Bentwaters UFO incident, several villagers have reported other strange craft in the skies above the area.  Source.  

CE I.  Location: Woodbridge (Suffolk) – Road out to Martlesham from Woodbridge.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1980s.  Further Comments: A triangular UFO was seen slowly floating towards the ground, several independent witnesses reporting it as a crashed aircraft. No aeroplanes were reported missing, nor any wreckage found.  Source.

Large Yellowish & Greenish Ball.  Location: Leiston (Suffolk) – Off coast near Sizewell. Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1980s.  Further Comments: Observing the power station here (or maybe formed by it?), the unnatural ball only hung around briefly before leaving the scene. Source.

Giant Pumpkin Smelling of Acid Drops.  Location: Leiston (Suffolk) – Beach north of Leiston, in the skies.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1980s.  Further Comments: This strange UFO was reported over the sea.   Source.

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Triangular Object.  Location: Nacton (Suffolk) – Unidentified car park.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1998, 01:00h.  Further Comments: Two friends sitting in this car park watched as a large, brightly illuminated triangular craft pass overhead. After the sighting, as they tried to drive away, the car froze, as if held in place by an unseen force.   Source.

 Nocturnal Light.  Location: Ipswich (Suffolk) – A12 towards Woodbridge, after Orwell Bridge.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 1990s.  Further Comments: A family driving home one night watched as a bright light manoeuvred around the sky, before disappearing vertically into the clouds at a fantastic speed.   Source.


“A strange yellow D-shaped object was spotted overhead by a man in his garden at Freston,” Suffolk, UK.  “He watched in wonder as the UFO changed shape before it altered course and flew off at around 11 p.m. on (Tuesday) August 5 (2003).” “He added, ‘In East Anglia, reported sightings differ from other areas. There are lots of reports of strange objects flying inland from the sea and then back again.’  Source.

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Orange Orbs,  Location: Old Felixstowe (Suffolk) – Skies northwards.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 01 July 2006.  Further Comments: On a very hot summer evening two orange orbs were seen falling from the sky. Moving extremely fast, they appeared to chase each other. The objects were watched for around ten seconds before dropping behind the horizon, disappearing from view. Source.

Spinning Lights,  Location: Ipswich (Suffolk) – Orwell Bridge and the A12 towards Felixstowe, and Nacton Road.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: 26 August 2006, approx 04:00h.  Further Comments: Two dull, spinning lights followed a teenager driving across the bridge for several miles. The lights remained in front of the car at all times, turning as she did. Several other witnesses reported seeing similar lights around the Nacton Road area at roughly the same time,  Source.

Black Shape – Location: Felixstowe (Suffolk) – Off Coast.  Type: UFO.  Date / Time: September 2006.  Further Comments: A group of eight people watched a perfectly round, dark object silently traverse the sky. No lights were visible from the object. A strange fiery UFO has also been spotted off the coast, though the date of this sighting is unknown.  Source.

Location of Sighting: Seen from A12 , heading towards Lowestoft about half a mile from Southwold turning, Date of Sighting: December 12th 2008, Time: about 8.30am, Witness Name: Mrs Dorothy Land.  Witness Statement: I was driving towards Southwold and had just passed the White Hart pub on my right. I looked straight ahead and saw what I thought was an extremely bright, white star above the tree line. As I looked the light ‘went out’ and it was a metallic oval which then appeared to be a sphere. It shot at great speed from left to right, towards the coast, then shot forward again, towards Lowestoft. No vapour trail – no lights on it – moved out of sight in a matter of a few seconds. Lived 18 years on RAF camps so know what regular aircraft look like! Far too fast for a helicopter and changed direction in a blink.  Source:

Woodbridge, Suffolk-September 2008 Jul.05, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Woodbridge, Suffolk Date of Sighting: September 2008 Time: 1820 approx Witness Name: Joe Game Witness Statement: My brother flies model aircraft with a small video camera attached. Last September he was flying in the Woodbridge area of Suffolk and the video shows a large black bowler hat shaped object sitting stationary just above the clouds. My brother flew towards the object but it was in the distance and was very large. The video shows that the object cast a shadow on the clouds below. I’ll post some pics of the object shortly.  Source:

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Ipswich, Suffolk-26th December 2009 Dec.28, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: ipswich. suffolk Date of Sighting: 26/12/09 Time: 17;50 Witness Name: gary Witness Statement: Ending the year on a high, I have seen UFO’s four times this year, and this is only my second one i’ve reported. Deep red coloured light traveling south to north, 1200/1500ft high(guessed) no sound, veered off towards the east. Manged to get a photo, long range, not much detail. Other witnesses, Foxhall road area  Source:

Friston, Suffolk-13th December 2009 Dec.14, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Friston, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 13th December 2009 Time: 22:20 Witness Name: Kev & Amy Witness Statement: Whilst walking my dog with my girlfriend, she pointed out a light in the sky to our 2 0 clock position, this was approximately south west. initially I dismissed the observation as a Helicopter probably operating out of RAF Woodbridge, however after watching for a couple of minutes the light was not accompanied by navigation beacons and was certainly not moving in a manner expected of helicopters. The object descended very quickly and blinked out. This entire episode lasted about 3 minutes. The the object re-appeared rising from behind a tree, whilst zig zagging from left to right. It stopped then ascended rapidly, within half a second I would estimate about 1500 – 2000 feet. Again it stopped and then began to move left to right again. We had watched this time for about 3 – 5 minutes. Then it again blinked out. I have been an aviation enthusiast for about 25 years, my father was in the USAF operating from Bentwaters. There was no way this vehicle was operating under conventional flight models or even our laws of physics! I would estimate the object to have been about 2 – 5 miles away, possibly over snape or Tunstall. We have both been left gobsmacked and would hope to see this object again as it is on my regular route for walking my dog. I will keep you posted as to any further developements. If anyone else saw this object, please comment so we exchange details. Many thanks. One Comment on “Friston, Suffolk-13th December 2009” Jeff Kain  December 15th, 2009 at 5:32 pm i saw near enough the same object as yourself on the same day. no flashing beacons on the craft and it also came down low to id say 500ft and me my fiancee and her brother heard no sound from the craft exept a slight humming sound. It also changed colour at time from red then to bright blue and at one point it turnt into two white lights but mainly the craft showed a bright red light. I could just about make out the shape of it and it most definatly was not a plane or helicopter.  Source:

 Ipswich, Suffolk-2nd December 2009 Dec.07, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 2nd December 2009 Time: 17.25 Witness Name: Joe Game Witness Statement: I was walking home when I saw coming from the East – a flashing ball of lights travelling in a zig-zag pattern. Soon after a helicopter appeared from the same direction and seemed to be accompanying it. Source:

Ipswich-16th November 2009 Nov.16, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich UK Date of Sighting: 16/11/09 Time: 16:50 Witness Name: Chris Chandler Witness Statement: I was outside having a cigarette with a cup of coffee as I am not allowed to smoke inside my student accommodation.I saw a white small bright light in the distance which was moving slowly at first glance I thought it was perhaps a plane or one of them Chinese lanterns which people mistake for UFOs. This was a strange object which was a little bigger then the stars in the sky and was moving very slowly across the sky. it was not orange like the Chinese lanterns but a clear white. it was brighter then the other stars and made no noise and had no flashing lights. very interesting sighting. Source: One Comment on “Ipswich-16th November 2009” Simon Robinson  November 16th, 2009 at 11:11 pm I’ve seen two of these now. One over home and one over RAF Cosford last year. Your description fits what I saw quite well. A white light, like a bright star just moving across the sky. It was cloudy on both occasions, so I know it was below the clouds and therefore not a satellite.

Ipswich-8th November 2009 Nov.09, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 08/11/2009 Time: 21:50 Witness Name: Gareth and Daniela Witness Statement: We have seen 4 orange lights in the sky, they were going past quite fast and all going in the same direction. There was no engine noise. It was definately NOT a chinese lantern or a firework One Comment on “Ipswich-8th November 2009” Susan Moss Hernandez  January 1st, 2010 at 11:59 pm I was home from the states visiting my family; and staying with my dad up Rushmere Estate. Around 6pm I headed out the door the go get fish N Chips for my dad and I, as I approched the corner, I looked up and froze in place, I saw 3 Golden globes, they where following each other, and in turn where behind a plane, they made a zig zag motion, they were not Chinese lanterns! I watched them until I got to the fish shop on Selkirk road! then they moved very fast into the nights sky; and disappeared and I laughed in shock, thinking no one is going to believe this…but it was very real  Source:

Martlesham Heath ,Suffolk-16th September 2009 Sep.23, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Suffolk, Martlesham Heath Date of Sighting: 16th September 2009 Time: 10.10pm Witness Name: Martyn Witness Statement: Bright Orange light travelling at speed, below cloud level, in a roughly North to South direction then sharply veering towards Southwest. We were surprised by the size of the light and the speed it was travelling on a no wind 25% cloud night. It had no sound associated with it. Cannot believe this was a Chinese Lantern. Seen by wife too. Source: One Comment on “Martlesham Heath ,Suffolk-16th September 2009” Gareth and Daniela  November 8th, 2009 at 10:21 pm At about 21:50 tonight (08/11/2009) me and my gf were indoors when my gf noticed two bright lights by the same description of what you are saying. They looked almost like floating candle lights, but moving at speed. I would say a little faster than that of an airplane speed. Again drifting in from norwich direction and heading towards colchester way. a few mintues after the first two showed another two came by, this time one at a time, and within a minute of eachother. They were all heading in the same direction.

Ipswich, Suffolk-9th September 2009 Sep.11, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 9-9-9 Time: england just scored 4th goal Witness Name: russell edwards Witness Statement: i have seen little lights going across night sky high up for weeks but last night i went to my back door and was startled by a huge round light low in the sky about 1000 ft up it pulsated bright light then went dimmer then shot high up into the atmosphere getting smaller away from me at an angle this took about 3 secs to get smaller than a star then it stopped stayed where it was for a second the went across the sky to my right im shocked scared and amazed all at the same time

 Whitton Church Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk-25th August 2009 Aug.26, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Whitton Church Lane, Ipswich, suffolk Date of Sighting: 25th August 2009 Time: 20.45pm Witness Name: maria Witness Statement: i saw a light in the sky that caught my attention because it was orange with a red glow round the outside, i watched it for a minute or so as i got closer and over head then i turned from a bright light into a black shape with no lights and kept changing shape from a diamond to circular as it went past over head also i could see that it was spinnig at the same time but it didn’t seem to be a solid mass and it had no sound at all. it was fly about 30ft above the houses.  Source:

Ipswich, Suffolk-21st August 2009 Aug.25, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich, Suffolk, UK Date of Sighting: 21st August 2009 Time: 10.30PM Witness Name: Tony Hampsheir Witness Statement: I was camping at Trinity showground, coming back to the camper, I noticed a bright orange pulsating light (like aircraft landing lights) going the same direction as the aeroplanes higher up. Then i saw another 2 lights behind it, making a triangular shape, then they faded away as it moved off its course, it was then followed by the same pattern of lights again, then a trail of about 17 more, some seen to be dancing around each other, one continued on a straight course and passed over me, it looked like an orange globe. The rest just changed course and faded away, the speed was similar to a helicopter.  Source:

Ipswich, Suffolk-23rd August 2009 Aug.24, 2009.  in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich. Suffolk Date of Sighting: 23/08/09 Time: 8.47pm Witness Name: gary Witness Statement: Hi, just saw a ufo 2 nite ( sunday, 23) we live just off the Foxhall Rd, at about 8.47 i was in the garden when i saw a bright orange light coming up from the south, the garden face’s south, i call my wife out by this time it was directly over head, there was no noise, i did have a spotting scope to hand and did see it for a few sec’s when it was over head. It then seem to speed up, all the lights went out and then came on again, and shot off in a North-West direction, i did glimpse thru the scope with its lights off, no wings just a sphere shape, the time in which all this happened was 15-20sec. 2 Comments on “Ipswich, Suffolk-23rd August 2009” wayne mckenna  August 24th, 2009 at 11:46 pm i saw exactly the same thing except i was in walthamstowe at 8.40 pm. the object rose from behind the treeline in a straight trajectory straight above my girlfiends flat. it looked like a small flaming object and we initially thought it was a small plane on fire however it was silent and was travelling very fast and horizontal about 300- 400 mtrs above. I have noticed a few similar sightings listed this month on similar sites. I ve never had a similar experience and i am no expert but it didnt look like a meteor or aircraft , very exciting but frustrating because we ll probably never find out what it was ! joe  September 27th, 2009 at 3:41 pm Make that another person who saw something, but i saw an orange glow on sat the 25/09/2009 over chelmondiston just outside ipswich, it seemed to go from north to south only traveling around 25-30mph, then stopped over a field near by the orange glow from the object suddenly went out and it disapeard.. im sure of what i saw as it went straight over my head, the only difrnce was that it made a slight sound, sumthing i havent heard b4, rly strnge.  Source:

  Felixstowe-15th August 2009 Aug.16, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Felixstowe Date of Sighting: 15th Aug 09 Time: 21:00 Witness Name: Alicia and Phill Witness Statement: we were driving down the A14 from Ipswich and we both saw a bright white light moving low across the sky very fast, too fast too be an air craft and not fast enough to be a shooting star. it was also very large in comparison to any star or aircraft lights. we saw it move across the sky for a approx 3 secs then it dissapeared. it was a relatively clear sky so was not obstructed by anything. Neither of us have seen anything like it before. Source: Direct request on UK-UFO One Comment on “Felixstowe-15th August 2009” Jase and Gail  January 9th, 2010 at 6:12 pm My wife and i were camping in Rendlesham forest on 15 Aug 2009.we were sat outside the tent facing wife suddenly said ‘What was that!!?’ she described this exact same thing, a large bright white light which appeared from nowhere, low in the sky visible just above the tree line and it moved very quickly across the sky to the left and blinked out.I was gutted because i am the one who is interested in ufo’s, she (WAS!) the skeptic.  Source:

Little Bealings, Suffolk-January 2005 Jul.07, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Little Bealings, Suffolk Date of Sighting: January 2005 Time: Early afternoon Witness Name: Joe Game Witness Statement: Sorry this was some time ago now – but I can remember the details. I was driving through Little Bealings on my way to Woodbridge during the early afternoon. As I approached the bridge that goes over the A12 North, I saw a large grey military plane circling very low – so low that I thought it was going to crash. The plane circled round a few times as I was driving. Later that week I read in the Evening Star that someone had reported a UFO in that area the previous week – which was late December 2004. In a seperate article it was also reported by the military that the plane was researching magnetic fields in that area. I think it is too much of a coincidence that the plane was ‘sniffing’ around shortly after the UFO was reported. It may be worth noting that Little Bealings is not that far away from Rendlesham Forest – where the 1980 incident is reported to have occured and that the Little Bealings sighting was the same time of year. Source:Direct request on UK-UFO One Comment on “Little Bealings, Suffolk-January 2005” Nadia  August 17th, 2011 at 12:19 pm I writing this many years after the event… I never said much about it at the time because I really didn’t know what to say to be honest. I was working as an engineer at the time and was on my way home from a job in Woodbridge at approximately 4 pm, I’m afraid I can’t remember the date, but I know it was roughly around christmas time. It was already quite dark and it had been raining. I was driving through Little Bealings heading towards Ipswich and had just gone past the bit on Playford road that narrows down to single lane with oncoming traffic having priority and now had pretty open fields on either side of me, with few trees and even less residents. No other cars around. Anyway, I suddenly became aware of a light through my left hand passenger window, I glanced across and saw a bright orb, which would have looked a lot like the moon, except it was moving very quickly. It was moving in the direction of Ipswich and I was able to watch it for maybe 2 – 3 seconds before it disappeared over trees in the distance. I have no idea what it was… and other than a flying “moon”, I have no other words to describe it. The luminosity and colour were about the same. When I got home, and checked to see if the moon had risen and maybe I’d just seen a reflection or something, but there was no sign of it. I was talking to my friend last night about things we couldn’t explain and thats how this came up. She looked on the internet and found the above article and that is why I thought I’d mention it. Either way, I’ve always been a bit curious to know what it could have been, someone once mention Ball lightning, but I have no idea what that is or what it looks like!  Source:

West Row, Suffolk-3rd February 2009 Feb.04, 2009 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: West Row, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 3rd February 2009 Time: 10.10pm Witness: Michelle Peacock Witness Statement: Tonight at about 10.10pm i saw a ufo in West Row, Suffolk. It was a bright light that came shooting over the sky, I was driving at the time and thought it was a shooting star. Then noticed it was still coming past. As it got over the road in front of me i could see blue lights going all the way around it, they were evenly spaced and were spinning round, the object itself was a sphere. It slowed down but didnt stop, for a few seconds then went shooting off in approx 100 degree angle from where it had come from. Was less than an hour ago so im still completely freaked out. Have reported to MOD. I hope that maybe someone else from this was saw it as well? Dont know if could be anything to do with sighting inIpswich as only an hour drive from here. Source:Direct request on UK-UFO  Source:

Ipswich, Bramford Road-7th March 2010 Mar.09, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: ipswich, bramford road Date of Sighting: 07/03/2010 Time: 22:00 Witness Name: joe Witness Statement: Fast moving light traveling from south to north, don’t think it was a satalite due to it being to low in the sky and looking orange in colour, don’t think it was a chineese lantin due to the speed of the object. I was obsercing the sky from my back garden wen I saw this ufo moving rapidly across the sky, I would like anyone to comment who has seen anything like this in the suffolk sky and maybe suggest what this could be?? One Comment on “Ipswich, Bramford Road-7th March 2010” stephanie  March 10th, 2010 at 1:15 pm I saw the same thing in little stonham on mon the 8th around 10pm. it went from west to east. There was no sound and it was very low in the sky. I have seen chinese lanterns many times and i dont think this was one. If we knew the wind directions and speed, we would be able to dismiss lantern  Source:

Ipswich, Suffolk-24th December 2010 Dec.27, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Suffolk Date of Sighting: 24 December 2010 Time: 17.20 Witness Name: steve Witness Statement: We were just leaving the house, off wherstead rd near the car wash and a bright pinky Orange light caught our eye. It was below the cloud cover and made no noise. It appeared to be a brighter pink/orange at its centre with a duller Orange haze around its edge. from our vantage point it did seem round in shape and fairly fast moving. There were no flashing lights as you would expect to see on regular aircraft. This was witnessed by two of us and certainly intrigued us as to its nature. Having witnessed Chinese lantern style lights in the past we don’t believe it was one of those. Having since looked at a map it was travelling in a south, south easterly direction and would probably have passed over or near orwell bridge. One Comment on “Ipswich, Suffolk-24th December 2010” julie  December 27th, 2010 at 6:19 pm We also saw an orange light moving very fast but it was on christmas day 25/12/10 at around 7pm. We were in holbrook at the time.  Source:

Bentley Suffolk-13th November 2010 Nov.15, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Bentley Suffolk Date of Sighting: 13-11-2010 Time: 21:00 Witness Name: Graham Witness Statement: Standing outside my Pub having a cigarette I saw what looked like a street light in a position I hadn’t seen one before. I then realised it was moving towards me. There was no sound as you would expect from a helicopter. There were 2 of these ‘lights’ traveling slowly at height and following the same flight path. They travelled for about 5 minutes then the first one climbed at great speed and dissapeared. The second one followed the same pattern. By this time I had been joined by 2 other witnesses, one had been watching this from his house about 200 yards from our location. We were trying to put some logical explanation to these lights when 3 lights more appeared following the same path. Again there was no noise and they followed the same routine as the previous 2. The lights were orange in colour and there were no signs of navigation lights that would have been visible on a normal aircraft. Source:

Rushmere, Suffolk-6th November 2010 Nov.07, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Rushmere, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 06/11/2010 Time: 20:15 Witness Name: ANDY & TRACY THROWER Witness Statement: DRIVING HOME AFTER A FIREWORK DISPLAY COMING BACK THOUGH HULVER THEN TURNING LEFT TOWARDS RUSHMERE I SPOTTED AN ORANGE DISC IN THE SKY SPINNING AROUND WITH A BRIGHT LIGHT ON TOP MOVING SLOWLY TOWARDS THE COAST LINE THEN MOVING UP THEN VANISHED .IT WAS THE BEST UFO I HAVE SEEN FOR A LONG TIME SO CLOSE AS WELL Susan Moss Hernandez  November 8th, 2010 at 12:57 am My wife’s dad lives on renfrew rd. in rushmere estate, about two years ago while on vacation visiting him she saw some lights similar to what you describe. She was on her way to the Selkirk Pub. They pour a nice pint there by the way. She told her dad about them and he said they were helicopters in the area, she swears up and down it was something else. stan  December 9th, 2010 at 4:05 pm Me and my friend where sea fishing at shingle st that night. We also saw a strange bright light that moved silently over us moving in a north easterly direction, est at around 30,000ft + hight because it seemed to go over the top of a very high (typical contrailing)airliner above us. Light was pure white dimming to a deep red before completely dissappearing quite a few miles over the north sea.  Source:

Ipswich-12th August 2010 Aug.13, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 12 August 2010 Time: 23:30 Witness Name: Graham Boreham Witness Statement: Having spent an hour laying on the grass watching the Perseid Meteor Shower a curiously bright, crisp flash appeared in the sky, about 45 degrees up from the horizon, just west of Jupiter (at that moment in the sky). The flash was quite brilliant, I gasped and pointed it out to my friend, he missed it. It happened again a moment later, at this point, I expected it to be a satellite rotating and catching the sun, reflecting it to us or perhaps a Perseid coming directly at our position, making it look like a flash. It then happened again, but, this time, I realised there was no star or point from which it was coming. Again, there were several random flashes. I used my watch to time the interval, there wasn’t a regular pattern. After 10 or so brilliant flashes, there were no more. I have lived under an airport (stansted) most of my life. I am well aware of the differences in vehicles, their beacon lights etc. I am also heavily into physics and astronomy, I can rationalise to a degree, but find it hard to explain this. There was literally no point from where this light came, no little dot. If something was catching the light, it would have enough surface area to be illuminated, even faintly. The sky was very clear, clear enough to see the arm of the Milkyway. Also, the random intervals of it do not figure, if it were a rotating structure, it would have had some kind of pattern or symmetry. The brightness of this light was striking. the only possible explanation I can contemplate, would be multiple Perseids coming in at our position, head on. But, that almost seems too unlikely to fit. I am sure there is a rational explanation, but, it remains, for us, unidentified. Am curious to know if anyone else saw it… if anyone else has, over a wider geographic distance, it might indicate that it was not directed light, but a much wider burst of light.. Source: 2 Comments on “Ipswich-12th August 2010” tony dinnage  August 14th, 2010 at 12:46 pm hi i saw thease flashes at stradbroke north of you to me it looked like a thunder storm wellout to sea regards tony gary finbow  August 15th, 2010 at 8:21 pm Also saw the flashes same time. i live in ipswich spoke to my daughter in chelmford she also veiw the flashes same time, don’t think it was a thunder storm, one large flash follow by more much lower level of light flashes than a big one. Would be nice to know what it was???

Sweffling, Suffolk-25th July 2010 Jul.27, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Sweffling, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 25/07/2010 Time: 9.00pm (ish) Witness Name: David Fordham Witness Statement: An orange light was travelling in a north west to south east direction over the village. All four of us saw it whilst seated in an out building. I went outside for a better view and could not at first see it (I was looking for the orange light). The others pointed it out but there was no longer a light. The object just made a dark silouette in the sky. It passed directly overhead at quite a speed and made no noise what-so-ever. We thought it might be a balloon (the orange light being a burner which went out) but it was travelling too fast for that. Height and size were difficult to judge but it appeared circular and gave the impression that it was spinning. The object carried on in a dead straight line until out of sight. Source:

Capel St Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk-18th July 2010 Jul.18, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Capel St Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 18 July 2010 Time: 00:20 am Witness Name: Paul Greenewich & Helen Hayward Witness Statement: At around 00:20 am last night, 18 July, my partner and I saw two UFOs through the bedroom window of our house in Capel St. Mary, Ipswich. Both objects radiated a steady, brilliant orange light which immediately caught our attention as they shot into view. Their magnitude was many times greater than the background stars, or the planet Jupiter which was clearly visible in the east, or the lights of any over-passing aircraft. The objects must have been flying fast and fairly low,because we were in bed when we first saw them through the window, one closely following the other. The window was open and they made no sound. Our bedroom faces ESE and our bed faces SSW. As the objects appeared from the righthand side of the window, they must have been travelling from a westerly or south-westerly direction. Their altitude, course and speed appeared constant; we got out of bed and watched in awe until they were out of sight, heading eastwards, side by side, towards the coast. The objects must have been visible to an aircraft above them, flying in the opposite direction. My partner had earlier been watching several aircraft stacked up on the same approach (presumably to Stansted Airport). The night was clear and still, and there is no possibility that these were chinese lanterns or balloons adrift in the atmosphere – the bahaviour of these objects indicated directed flight. The sighting lasted from 30 seconds to 1 minute. I contacted Suffolk Police at 07:45, but they had received no reports overnight of anything unusual in the sky. . Source:

Tom Richardson  July 22nd, 2010 at 11:52 pm I have photos of strange lights doing a circle type formation around 9.15pm on the same evening taken from Northumberland, I didnt think anything of them until i saw this Trimley St Martin Suffolk-17th July 2010 Jul.18, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Trimley St Martin Suffolk Date of Sighting: 17.7.2010 Time: 22.25 Witness Name: Christopher & Gillian Taramaschi Witness Statement: At first we saw a very very bright orange light in the sky in the shape of a chevron looking like fire. It hovered to the North East and moved away slowly the orange light diminishing as it went. We looked through the binoculars and saw a huge spiderweb type shape with an outer perimeter of numerous white flashing lights with pale orange appearing on and off in the centre. It changed it’s shape frequently as it was moving away. It disappeared from our sight to the North East. Source:

Ipswich-9th July 2010 Jul.10, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 9/07/2010 Time: 10pm Witness Name: Frances Witness Statement: My attention was drawn to a bright light over the south west of IPswich last night at around 10pm. A couple of passers by said ‘Whats that?’ so I went out ot have a look. There was an airplane passing overhead which left a con trail and the bright light was directly in the con trail. It then dropped sharply down so that it was below the trail. A helicopter passed underneath it but was quite a way below it so object must have been quite high up. The helicopter circled a couple of times and then disappeared. A jet raored across the sky also under the object but the light remained where it was. By this time I was intrigued. I went inside, got my binoculars and focused on the object. I saw something that looked a little like a ‘droba stone’ with a small ‘v shaped wedge cut out of the side of a circular disc. The disc was made up of very bright lights, around 7 or 8 as far as I could tell, which pulsated and the object jumped around a little every so often seemingly forming zig-zags of light in the sky. I would think anyone outside in Ipswich could have seen it. I called a friend who went outside to look and he said that it was very odd as it was incredibly bright and there wasn’t another star in the sky at all. Did anyone else see this or has anyone got any explanation as to what it was? One Comment on “Ipswich-9th July 2010” tony dinnage  July 11th, 2010 at 8:30 am hi saw the same at stradbroke 25 miles north around same time moveing star light object which then flared into a huge white light and then faded away to a dot befor dissapering tony Source:

Woodbridge, Suffolk-8th May 2010 May.09, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Woodbridge, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 8th May 2010 Time: 22:30 Witness Name: J. Bayfield Witness Statement: I was driving out at night to go and look for our lost cat. As I was turning left I looked right. Up in the sky above the main town were 3 bright lights which made the shape of a perfect upsidedown V. They looked like street lights and weren’t moving but were up high in the sky. Almost like 3 stationary fire balls. They weren’t moving like chinese lanterns do. I had to turn left as a car was behind me and when I looked for them again they were gone. Source: 7 Comments on “Woodbridge, Suffolk-8th May 2010” Gavin Harold  May 10th, 2010 at 7:57 pm I suspect (from your description) that what you saw was very similar to that shown on footage taken near Stirling: I have seen several ufo’s in Suffolk over the years & have enjoyed telling your grandson Mat all about them! Julie Bayfield  May 11th, 2010 at 12:23 pm They were similar but they didn’t seem to move or dart around, just 3 bright still lights. I wish I’d taken a better look and recorded it but I was worried about our cat and had to head in the other direction. Very intriguing. I was hoping by putting it on here other people may have seen it too! The only other time I thought I saw one was in USA but it turned out to be a missile! Gavin Harold  May 12th, 2010 at 1:16 pm Sorry Julie – I thought the ‘J’ was that of Jack, Mat Bayfield’s (Framlingham) Grandad. I have seen several strange & different lights/objects in the skies over Suffolk. I shall do a report on my sightings at some point & post it on this excellent site.. Gavin D P  May 21st, 2010 at 10:36 pm JUST FOR REFERENCE, THE BATLE AREA NEAR CROXTON AT THETFORD HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY PUTTING SODIUM ORANGE APPEARING FLARES INTO THE AREA. SOMETIMES THERE ARE UP TO 10 AT VARIOUS ELEVATIONS, DROPPING SLOWLY AND I IMAGINE ILLUMINATING THE BATTLE AREA. Phil  May 25th, 2010 at 6:57 am There seems to be an increased level of activity at Woodbridge this year. I must get our group there soon. Eileen Burgess  May 30th, 2010 at 8:05 pm 17th may 2010 My grandson and I saw 3 bright orange globes surrounded by a misty glow moving slowly across the sky over Sutton Heath at 10.15pm They slowly just disappered into the distance. Eileen mitchell  June 22nd, 2010 at 8:49 am nice sighting

Sutton, Rendlesham-18th April 2010 Apr.19, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: sutton/rendlesham Date of Sighting: 18/04/2010 Time: 0400 Witness Name: simon redgen Witness Statement: I was working with a collegue in the forest near to rendlesham, when we both saw two very bright, large single lights in the sky travelling north. they were equally travelling at the same speed fairly close together. They were travelling lower than an aircraft would and a fairly quick speed, quicker than a plane. They grabbed our attention as no aircraft were supposed to be in the air. Source:

Witters  April 20th, 2010 at 4:40 pm I saw this too. We were in a country house outside Ipswich and I think it was around 1 or 2 in the morning on 18th (so not near sunset or sunrise, which is when satellites are visible). I was watching the stars when two lights, brighter than any other stars moved across the sky, roughly West to East. They moved slowly (about 3 times the speed a ‘plane would cross the sky) and stayed perfectly parallel – with one slightly behind the other. As there were no ‘planes in the sky, they caught my attention. Thought they might be helicopters but the lights were too bright and solid – no twinkling or flashing – and they kept formation way too well. A friend and I watched them continue at a steady rate off towards the Western horizon, although we didn’t watch to see if they disappeared over it and around the Earth or continued straight on into space. I assumed they were satellites but having looked it up on the internet, that seems unlikely judging by the time, the brightness and the speed of movement. So? Did we see UFOs? Or is there an easily identifiable explanation? Debs Turner  April 21st, 2010 at 8:59 am Back in November I saw a similar thing in North Bristol. Two bright orbs, one more behind than the other but keeping perfectly parallel. They were travelling South to North at a slow steady speed and we lost sight when they disappeared into the corona around the very big low full moon that night. What I saw weren’t satellites, planes, lanterns, helicopters or any other explanation I can come up with. a.s.keeton  April 24th, 2010 at 12:03 pm last night , approx 11pm , i saw 10 -15 of these same orange globes fly across my village ( bildeston ) in a long procession . each faded or blinked out in exactly the same place in the sky . absolutely no noise whatsoever . sighting concluded with several shooting stars and total silence . what is going on ?  Source:

Ipswich , Suffolk-17th April 2010 Apr.18, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich , Suffolk Date of Sighting: Sat 17th April Time: 20.46 to 20.49 Witness Name: Simon Foster Witness Statement: Yet another silent orange light, in the sky, not flying quickly but in a track 290 degrees south of Ipswich and away about 10 degree north towards Norfolk. I have seen a few of these orang light sightings during 2009 and always put it down to military/civilian flights in East Anglia, but as nothing is meant to be flying this weekend , this orange light to me seems unexplained. Bec and Craig  April 18th, 2010 at 7:37 pm We also saw these silent lights – over the lake in Needham Market at 22.04 whilst driving. We pulled over to have a look, and saw 6 very prominant orange lights in the sky. They stayed moving slowly, changed their formation, and then 5 out of the 6 flashed and faded away. Very strange!!! Seeing as all the flights were grounded, and we were looking away from Wattisham Airbase. anon  July 3rd, 2010 at 4:14 pm I also saw what could have been a ufo yesterday evening high over Ipswich. It seemed to consist of two white lights one below and one above it – looking a little more like a vertical line. It was very close to a known flightpath, so I tried hard to locate any flashing lights – without success. There was a distant sound not dissimilar to an airplane, but it was too high to be a helicopter. It disappeared into the clouds close to the centre of Ipswich. abs  February 7th, 2011 at 9:25 am Me and my daughter saw some strange orange lights very recently! On 2 separate occasions now. I saw one flat orange circular shape flying quite low and slowly directly above my house. I told my friend who laughed at me. Then a couple of weeks ago we both saw 3 separate orange lights all flying slowly through the sky (but much further away than the one i saw), one changed direction very quickly and suddenly, the others disappeared in to nothing. Brian  March 6th, 2011 at 9:32 pm We saw the same thing last night – three times in a row. All were at the same height and all on the same flight path! No noise whatsoever; but the brightest of orange lights. Dave  November 7th, 2011 at 1:24 am I’ve seen them a few times now. A couple of times over bourne park. Last night (Bonfire night I saw one twice) and tonight. Each time I’ve seen them, they seem to be flying away from Ipswich. It’s just a single orange light, no other lights (all aircraft are required to have 1 red 1 green and 1 white + flashing strobe lights for navigation and anti-collision). They move too quickly to be a helicopter although the speed does appear to increase as it moves further away. The bizarre thing is, there is no engine noise even though you would expect a huge amount of noise for the speed it appears to be traveling at.  Source:

Rendlesham, Suffolk-29th February 2010 Mar.30, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Rendlesham, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 29th February 2010 Time: 19:47 Witness Name: Rebecca Leete Witness Statement: “I went for a walk in the local forest when suddenly out of nowhere came the brightest light i have ever seen in my life. It was orange and flew straight over my head. I ran towards it but it just disappeared.” 3 Comments on “Rendlesham, Suffolk-29th February 2010” Joe Game  April 5th, 2010 at 7:49 am Hi Rebecca, I too visit Rendlesham Forest regularly and find it to have an eerie atmosphere at times. I research EVP and recorded in the forest a while back. The EVP said quite sternly ‘Don’t try to contact us, got that!’ so I think from that they don’t want contact. I have always felt that somehow these UFO’s have a ‘base’ of some sort in the forset area. chris  April 5th, 2010 at 11:53 am hi ive visisted the forest a fair few times and as joe has said it is very errie even during daylight hours ,ive also read there has bin a good number of ufos reported there ,dating back to the rendlesham insident in 1980 steve cole  May 19th, 2010 at 8:50 pm HI there have visited many times day and night get that same spooky feeling. have takens many friends who know nothing of the history all report the same feelings. great place love it. never seen any strange events in all my visits i keep hoping !!!!!  Source:

Ipswich-27th February 2010 Feb.28, 2010 in Suffolk Location of Sighting:ipswich Date of Sighting:27th feb 2010 Time:8.08pm Witness Name:malc nunn Witness Statement:i was headed towards cambridge on the a14 and a rounf white (not bright) light caught my eye , it was travelling parallel to my vehicle , around 1000ft max and extremely fast . the light was not flashing and was around the size of a small plane. at first this is what i thought it was but then realised the light itself was far too large and was not flashing , as it flew past my vehicle it suddenly just dissapeared . I had my window down and the light made no sound . there were no clouds at all in the sky and a full moon with very clear vis.  Source:

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Ipswich-26th October 2011 Oct.29, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 26/10/11 Time: 1915 Witness Name: Rob Witness Statement: I was walking down the road to my local pub to play cribbage. All od a sudden I saw a flash of blue light above my head, so I looked up and immediately saw what I thought was a shooting star. After about 10 more seconds I saw what looked like a star moving at a great velocity across the sky. It obviously wasnt a star, but I believe it wasn’t an aircraft either, as it was silent, intensely bright, and had no flashing wing lights. I tracked it for 3 minutes, it was heading east, and after that, the lights immediately went out. It was clear sky too. Source:

Ipswich, Suffolk-5th September 2011 Sep.05, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 05/09/2011 Time: 10pm I think Witness Name: Andy Tym Witness Statement: I went into the garden to lock the back gate and noticed a shooting star so thought I stay just in case another appeared. Whilst looking I noticed several objects coming from the west to the south. I didn’t really know what they were but kept looking at them as they were travelling at speed and performed cross overs. I went to run back in doors to get a camera, changed my mind and returned to the spot to notice just one more going by, but this one did a sharp turn to the right and upwards. They just looked like dots some distance away, couldn’t really give them a colour, perhaps amber? Got know idea what they were, don’t believe they were chinese lanterns as I have seen these before. I only put this on just incase somebody else thought they had seen the same thing. No you weren’t going mad. Source:

Ipswich-28th August 2011 Sep.01, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 28th August 2011 Time: 21.00 – 21.30 Witness Name: Mike Witness Statement: I was sitting in the garden on Sunday night with my brother his wife and my fiancee when we spotted a single orange like orb which was quite bright and a constant colour no flickering moving N/E across the sky towards the Woodbridge area and north sea in a straight line just like an aircraft disappearing over the horizon but with no sound. Just behind at about the same time we spotted a passenger jet flying around the same direction and we all estimated that the orange orb was moving approx 3 times as fast. There is no way it was a chinese lantern due to the speed, height and colour. In fact to prove this point to ourselves I let off 2 lanterns some 10 mins after and they flew in a different direction and acted as a lantern would flickering and buffering around the sky and burning out 5 minutes after. Ive also noticed on there was a similar sighting on this site in Hollesley Bay, Suffolk. Source:

Hollesley Bay, Suffolk-29th August 2011 Aug.31, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Hollesley Bay, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 29/08/2011 Time: 20:32 Witness Name: Dave Witness Statement: I was looking out across the north sea when i saw an orange light moving from left to right it done this a couple of times then shot off at a rate of speed which made it disappear within a second, It was astonishingly fast. Source:

Woodbridge, Suffolk-9th July 2011 Aug.10, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Woodbridge, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 9/7/11 Time: 10:05 Witness Name: Adele Witness Statement: I saw a dark red shape move smoothly across the sky from west to south-east. It had no lights and didn’t make a sound. It looked like a rough cross shape, two parts of the ‘cross’ were more jagged than the other two.Source:

Date: 2011-July-15.  Time 2.55am GMT.  Location Kesgrave, nr Ipswich, Suffolk, UK.  Report:  I saw a fireball with a bright orange appearance and a white cloud trail, heading from a NE-S direction at approximately a 55 degree angle at it’s highest point, to a 50 degree angle when I lost visibility. I was facing an easterly direction and caught a very good glimpse of it for all of 4 seconds whilst I was in my back garden, for about 1/4 of the length of the sky. It was very bright, and despite being in an area with streetlamps and sunlight just starting to show beyond the horizon, it was very clear. I saw no pieces break off, but I did hear a very slight fizzing sound, which caused me to spot in the first place. I can’t estimate on a velocity, but as soon as I realised it was about to disappear behind the roof of my house, I ran to my front garden but it had already gone beyond the rooves of my neighbours houses.  Source.

Culpho , Suffolk-25th July to 3rd August 2011 Aug.04, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Culpho , Suffolk Date of Sighting: 25 /7/11 to 3/8/11 Time: 02.30-03.30am Witness Name: Steve Witness Statement: every night between the times i’ve stated something has flown over my house at very high speed just above tree height ! not a jet engine or propeller! just wind noise! might set the alarm to try to get a visual! VERY STRANGE!Source:

Ipswich, Suffolk-25th July 2011 Jul.25, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich, Suffolk Date of Sighting: 25th July 2011 Time: 01.35am Witness Name: Steve Corey Witness Statement: I normaly let my dogs out in the garden so they can go to the loo before i head off to bed, it was a very clear night and it was odd something made me feel like studying the sky i couldnt describe it i was just an urge to do it. As soon as i look up i noticed the constellation Cassiopeia was beautifuly bright over the town and it was then i noticed a shadow moving fast across the sky it was visible for about 5 seconds and before it disapeared it glowed like a orange disc shape before returning to shadow form and speedily heading upwards and disapearing completely. Now the skeptic in me thought hmm probably a meteorite skipping off the earths atmosphere but the more i think on it and i am quite experienced in looking at the night sky it did not move like other instances which i would say were meteorites (shooting stars) it seemed to perfect as in controlled acceleration and reacceleration after the glow and course change. My view point was from chantry looking over the town.  Source:

Ipswich-22nd June 2011 Jun.23, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Ipswich Date of Sighting: 22/06/2011 Time: 11 pm roughly Witness Name: Russell Edwards Witness Statement: i was walking home from my brothers i got to my street and i saw a really bright light about 5 times the size of a star and about cloud height it move steadily then got quicker then it disappeared into a cloud so i watched the cloud for a couple of minutes then all of a sudden there was a burst of light through the cloud then it was gone ,i then went into my back garden to look for it again after a few minutes it reappeared from the east and then travelled across the sky to the north west i watched untill it was gone …im seeing these things on a weekly sometimes daily basis and they are not aircraft as i check with online plane tracking and certainly not lanterns …..they are here …and i hope they are nice!! One Comment on “Ipswich-22nd June 2011” Susan Moss Hernandez  June 27th, 2011 at 11:10 pm My wife Susan, while visiting her dad in Ipswich (Rushmere Estate area) noticed some similar lights while going to the Selkirk Pub. This was about two years ago. Her dad told her they were probably lanterns, but she swears up and down that they were UFO’s. She didn’t have a camera to take their pictures.  Source:

Lakenheath, Suffolk-26th April 2011 Apr.27, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Lakenheath Date of Sighting: 26 Apr 2011 Time: 2210 Witness Name: John Witness Statement: I was standing in my garden smoking whenI looked up I saw a very bright round white light. It was moving from East to North west. I was thinking it could be an aircraft but I have worked on aircraft for 15 years and have never seen a light that bright on an aircraft before. Plus, as the UFO passed over, the brightness of the light never changed as if it was emitting the light from all around itself and there were no position lights like on an aircraft. It seemed to be moving slowly in the same direction except for one sharp turn it made heading more north, from there it stayed on its path until the light faded. 2 Comments on “Lakenheath, Suffolk-26th April 2011” Chris  April 28th, 2011 at 2:36 am yes mate, ive seen just that..last friday here in london. i particularly like your description ‘the brightness of the light never changed as if it was emitting the light from all around itself’ indeed. they ARE here. nothing to panick about. Chris  April 28th, 2011 at 2:38 am yes mate, ive seen just that..last friday here in london. i particularly like your description ‘the brightness of the light never changed as if it was emitting the light from all around itself’ indeed.  Source:

South East of Ipswich-7th March 2011 Mar.07, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: few miles south east of Ipswich (in Ipswich at time time in flat) Date of Sighting: 7th March 2011 Time: around 6 30 Witness Name: Anon Witness Statement: around 25 degrees from ground level. stationary orange light twinkling looked like it turned making red and white light with blue. then vanished. not sure of shape but lights gave off diamond appearance lasted for about 5 seconds then vanished. about a minute later reappears in exact same place, orange light twinkling then vanishes. was stationary the whole time. happened in clear skys at dusk. i dont have a clue but it sure confused me. Source:

Station Road before the Lakenheath rail station-5th March 2011 Mar.06, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Station road before the Lakenheath rail station Date of Sighting: March 5th 2011 Time: at or around 8:30 PM Witness Name: Anthony and Ashley Boyd Witness Statement: Upon driving home from Lakenheath my wife and i saw 2 bright orange lights far in the distance. We were unable to tell approximately how far away but from our view they appeared to be fairly close to the ground. The curvature of the earth could have possibly created the illusion that they were near the surface though. The lights did not flicker and appeared one above the other in the sky. The light on top was diagonal to the lower one. As we continued to drive a third light appeared below the top light and to the right of the lower light creating a triangle. As we passed a small grove of trees we noticed that the formation had shifted so that 2 lights were parallel to the ground and the third light above those 2. They stayed in relatively the same point in the sky, the formation just seems to have rotated. We stopped at the bridge just passed the train tracks to see if a higer vantage point would give us a better view but it did not due to tree coverage. We turned around and pulled off to where we originally observed the formation but they were gone. Just curious if anyone has noted any similar formations or if we just observed an optical illusion of street lights or something. Source:

Snape Suffolk-30th January 2011 Jan.31, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Date of Sighting: 30th January 2011 Time: 16.30pm Witness Name: John Thompson Witness Statement: My wife and I was driving back from Ipswich down the Aldeburgh Road which leads onto Saxmundham Road. I noticed from distance a black cloud which was changing shape every 3/4 seconds. So we carried on down the road and as we got closer I noticed it wasn’t a cloud, as it was pushing puffs of black smoke out on the bottom of the suppose cloud which were coming down single-lined, which to be honest my wife said it looked like parachutes. As we got to Aldeburgh golf course we noticed it was above the golf course, we turned into the golf course car park and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, it kept going up and down and it appeared to be a black cloud, which kept going behind the clouds and changing shape, then the black cloud went onto it’s side and I saw the bottom of it, and it wasn’t a cloud it had silver disc shape to the bottom, it seemed like it was having problems flying, as it had a circle placed in the middle at the bottom, this was where the smoke was coming from. It had no lights as it was very low, around 500 feet from ground level. The funny thing was the smoke was coming out and not disappearing it was falling all the way down to ground level, this continued for around 3/4 minutes, then it disappeared. I always have my mobile on me, and for some reason yesterday I didn’t have it on me, I wish I had it has it was amazing to see, plus my wife never believed in anything UFO related, but she is a true believer now. Source:

Otley, Suffolk-24th January 2011 Jan.25, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Otley Date of Sighting: 24th January 2011 Time: 20.30 Witness Name: Tracey Barnett Witness Statement: The skies had cleared that evening and i let the dog out into the garden and as i leaned against the door post something caught my eye and at first i imagined a shooting star but the object was a sphere, greeny blue in colour going across the sky from north to north east. I watched it for about 8/9 seconds until it went out of view. Absolutley amazing and i would never have believed it before that people see such things.  Source:

Christchurch Park, Ipswich-9th January 2011 Jan.09, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Christchurch Park, Ipswich Date of Sighting: 9th January 2011 Time: 1.30am Witness Name: James Bamber Witness Statement: I couldn’t sleep so I just stared out at the window and saw something just hovering over Christchurch Park about 5000 ft above the park, it was flashing green, blue, red, orange and white, it was also triangular in shape. It didn’t even make a sound when it moved and looked like it had shot something similar to flares up in the sky and there was a four small like spheres circling this UFO, I knew it couldn’t have been a helicopter straight away as I would have heard it make a sound like helicopters do. It moved further and further nearer to the Mansion slowly then it stopped and it looked like it was waiting for something and it was slowly disappearing like it was shimmering out of existence, i watched it for an hour before it finally went and I know for sure it also wasn’t a chinese lantern either. Source:

Kesgrave, Ipswich-8th January 2011 Jan.09, 2011 in Suffolk Location of Sighting: Kesgrave, Ipswich Date of Sighting: 8 January 2011 Time: 18.30h Witness Name: I. Gonzalez Witness Statement: About 1830h while walking the dog, seen very large, rounded and very intense orange light in the sky, some 25 degrees angle, coming from NNW. The light is like a 5p coin size in the sky and suddenly changed direction to the east, getting away. It did not make any sounds at all and travelled with a constant speed all the way. One Comment on “Kesgrave, Ipswich-8th January 2011” bob randel  March 27th, 2011 at 3:06 pm On the 26th of march 2011 at arund 12:00am me and some friends heard a loud noise that sounded like a helicopter but much louder. It lasted for ages so we went to the window and saw not a helicopter but a oval shaped green object much higher than a helicopter, in the sky. It was flying in an odd way just stationary in the sky, it looked as if it was spining. Then another of my friends turned the light on in the room with the curtains wide open (we were the only house with lights on) and the UFO flew backwards a little and then went faster than any helicopter we’d ever seen above ur heads (which enabled us to see underneath it; it had red and wite spoted lights and green round the outside)and vannished.  Source:


Location of Sighting: Ipswich, Date of Sighting: 7/09/2012, Time: 2315, Witness Name: Stefz.  Witness Statement: Witnessed by 2 people, a streak ofwhite light across the sky toward the ground. inbetween copdock and orwell bridge travellung east bound on A14. No sound and very rapid  Source:

Location of Sighting: Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Date of Sighting: 19/06/2012, Time: 1410.  Witness Name: Peachy.  Witness Statement: Whilst standing outside facing towards Felixstowe saw a white circular object moving from North to South at a very high speed. It moved into and out of my sight in no more than 5 seconds. the object was below the few clouds that were about. This was no plane or helicopter as there was a plane flying above the clouds and going much slower than the object.  Source:

Map of Suffolk 1906Source.




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