We’re all victims of alien abduction

THEIR members include cops, doctors, lecturers and graphic designers.

They meet in secret to discuss deeply personal experiences and provide support for each other.

But this is not a group for struggling alcoholics. It is Abductees Anonymous — a hidden organisation formed in 1990 to help the growing number of Brits who claim to have had alien encounters.

Run by serial abductee Marc Bell, in Plumstead, South London, the group provides a sympathetic ear for tales of UFOs and extraterrestrials that have inspired countless films and TV series, among them The X Files.

The show’s creator, Chris Carter, has penned several UFO abduction-related tales — and he still believes the truth is out there.

He says: “I want to believe in abductions. And I’ve heard too many stories from too many credible people to be a total sceptic.”

Here, four victims including Abductees Anonymous chief Marc Bell, tell of their alien encounters.

Case one

Marc Bell

MARC, a business lecturer, claims to have had recurring experiences of abduction since childhood. He believes that the group he runs is vital in helping people like himself deal with these traumatic events.

Sitting at home in Plumstead, South London, he says: “The meetings are so important for people who’ve been abducted.

“For many, including myself, it’s not a pleasant experience.

“Because of the stigma you can’t always talk to friends and family.

Marc, 49, adds: “We have many high-profile members who fear ridicule and losing their jobs if their story gets out.

“When someone has just realised what is going on — it’s terrifying.

“By opening up about the experience to like-minded people, you can deal with the stress, and hopefully confront what has happened.”

Dad-of-two Marc has childhood memories of alien contact. He recalls playing in a misty white room with other human children, while being watched by stick-like beings with large hands and spindly fingers.

He claims one of the boys from inside the strange craft even turned up in the same class at his primary school in Wandsworth, South-West London.

But as Marc got older, the abductions became more menacing. He says: “Now I find them extremely frightening.

“Typically I’ll wake up around 3am sensing a presence in my bedroom.

“Sometimes there is a ball of light, sometimes a

small being who walks towards me with its hand outstretched. Its fingers come up to my forehead, which leave me paralysed then I pass out.

“Then I go into a black tunnel with a light at the end. Unfortunately it’s not angels waiting for me at the other side.

“When I come to, I’m strapped to a metallic slab. The beings do all sorts of tests, which I don’t want to go into. Suffice to say, it’s not pleasant.

“Some group members report positive interactions with aliens. But mine don’t fall into that category.”

Far-fetched as it sounds, Marc is adamant the experience isn’t just a recurring dream.

He says: “I can tell the difference between dreams and reality — and this is real. I’ve woken up with marks on my wrists and ankles from where I’ve been restrained.

“I’ve got a scar on my right arm where something might have been implanted by the aliens. Sometimes you are aware of flying over the top of buildings through the air towards the craft.

“On one occasion, I spotted a ball in a gutter of the house. The next day, I went up to check and it was really there.”

Like other members of the Witness Support Group — the official name for Abductees Anonymous — Marc has been deeply affected by his experiences.


He says: “When I was 18, I thought I was going mad and would end up in psychiatric care.

“Thankfully now I’ve come to terms with it, and I can offer counselling to other abductees.

“I am kept on call by one health authority, which I can’t mention, to talk to anyone claiming an abduction experience. Consequences of alien contact are many. Some develop OCD.

“I can’t go to sleep without the window and curtain open and a light or candle burning.

“I often get up at 3am to check the house is okay.

“Of course, abduction puts relationships under strain. In the large majority of cases, couples split if one doesn’t believe the other about what is happening.

“Admitting you’re an abductee really does open a can of worms and can have great implications.”


Given the huge diversity of alien encounters, the Witness Support Group’s members are divided on why they’re being contacted.


Marc — who claims to be visited by a species dubbed “the greys” by UFO buffs — has an interesting theory about what they might be.

He says: “Some people think aliens are us coming back from the future to warn about what we’re doing to the planet.

“They don’t have sexual organs, so perhaps they’ve lost the capability to reproduce normally.

“If they are cloning they could be dying out as the process cannot continue successfully forever.

“Whatever the reason, they are visiting us and we are powerless to stop them.”

If you would like to contact Witness Support Group, email Marc at marc@wufog.freeserve.co.uk.

Case two

Chris Martin

“TWELVE years ago my ex-girlfriend confided in me about strange memories of being abducted by grey aliens,” reveals Chris, who is a cameraman.

“I was initially sceptical, but then weird things started happening in our flat.

“Our belongings would move when we were out and sometimes she’d speak in a weird voice, as if an entity was trying to communicate.”

Chris, from Bromley-by-Bow, east London, continued: “In 1996 we saw a number of UFOs hovering in Bow as we went into Tesco.

“I was fascinated and since then I’ve had lots of sightings, many of which I have recorded on video.

“The most recent was in July when I shot an orb high up in the sky.”

But when Chris, 47, told his family of his experiences, they weren’t at all comfortable.

He adds: “I usually avoid the subject with new people as they can be scathing. That’s why the Witness Support Group is vital.

“It gives people who have been contacted by these entities a place to talk without fear of ridicule.”

 Case three

Terry Lambert

TERRY was just three years old when a ball of light floated across his bedroom “then shot into my forehead”. Other strange experiences followed.

Then in 2001, Terry, a mechanic, visited Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. “Through the trees a ball of light raced towards me, with a bright purple trail behind it,” says Terry, 54, of Bexleyheath, Kent.

“A second later a small person walked out. It was 3ft tall with a round blue face, no ears and insect-style eyes. I turned and fled. I’ve seen several beings since then. None of my family believe me. But to me, it’s very real and very frightening.”

 Case four

Helen Sanderson

GRAPHIC designer Helen, 55, says she was abducted by aliens while staying with friends in Bristol over Christmas in 1980.

Helen, from Somerset, says: “I went for a walk and was suddenly bathed in a beam of light 200ft across. Looking down I saw my feet had lifted off the pavement. I felt myself rushing through the air with eight other people who’d been caught in the beam too.

“I ended up immobilised on a table in a room with some tall humanoid creatures and a few of the grey-type aliens. That’s all I remember. Afterwards people called me a liar. It’s good to have a support group.”
Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/real_life/1498640/Chris-Martin-is-part-of-organisation-Abductees-Anonymous-who-say-they-have-been-abducted-by-aliens-UFO-sightings.html#ixzz2GozIiu4I



11 responses to “We’re all victims of alien abduction

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  3. so that’s why i really have ocd?! because i have been possibly abducted by possible aliens?! why don’t we all just build our own ufos?! why don’t we already have ufos built of our own anyways?! what about the whole interest in space and time travel is that because of being a possible alien abductee too?! don’t aliens have an interest in possible time and space travel?!

  4. Hi Elise, i dont know if that is why you have ocd. Well some people do think that the governments have used alien technology to build their own ufos and some suggest that is where the stealth technology comes from (not saying i believe this but i know others do). I cant answer to your interesting and it being connected to a possible abductee.

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  6. I can relate to Helen Sandersons abduction, as I had the same thing happen to me in 2005 whilst out walking my dog, I had missing time, and a person who was walking in front of me whom I did not know also disappeared in the beam of light, the young woman was not there as I came out on the other side of the light, something big was hovering above, I hurried home and discovered much missing time, since 2005 I have had a few other sightings of suspected ufo’s, .

  7. Hi this is Jo Mullins. I spent some time with you and Chris at Rendlesham etc. I am still getting the same contact. In fact, things have been happening more and more. Its been many years since i saw you all. I have been sober nearly 6 years. Funny, I am living near Blackheath. Are you and Chris still in south london? Jo.

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