Kelvedon Hatch RAF ROTOR station – Secret Nuclear Bunker, Essex

The RAF ROTOR Bunker was built-in 1952-1953 to improve and harden Britain’s air defence network as part of the RAF ROTOR air defence. The estimated cost to build the bunker is 1.6 billion pounds. The ROTOR SOC (R4 Sector operations control) was diminished and the UKWMO and Nuclear reporting cell became incorporated into the Home Office RSG (Regional Seat of Government) and later changed to RGHQ (Regional Government Headquarters), to provide command and control of London sector of flight command. During the 1960’s to early 1990’s it was maintained by the UK Government as an emergency government defence site. The bunker was built to provide MOD workers protection from Nuclear strikes and to continue government operations with the survival of the population if a Nuclear attack did take place. The bunker was decommissioned in 1992 and was sold back to the original owners and is now a cold war museum.

During the 1950’s it is thought that the SOC would report up to the ADOC (Air Defence Operations Centre) RAF Fighter Command HQ at Bently Priory, Stanmore. Authorisation to fire came from Bently Priory, while orders were issued by the MET sector (Controlling Military London Metropolitan Sector) at Kelvedon Hatch which were relayed to pilots by GCI (ground Control Interception) signal units at Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. USAF and RAF pilots were operating under RAF control and ROTOR system. During 1960’s it was the Governments administration centre for communicating with smaller Bunkers (Civil Defence Centre, then RGHQ).

The bunker is 125 feet underground with 10 ft reinforced concrete with an estimated 40000 tons of concrete used The entrance is by a bungalow which leads to a 120ft tunnel on its lowest floor of 3 floors. The bunker has it’s own water supply, heating, air conditioning and generators and would accommodate up to 600 people for 3 months. A massive radar system was set up to help foresee Soviet bombers.

Ground level has plant and equipment, plotting room, communication and BBC broadcasting centre. The Middle floor was the Government Level, with an officer of commissioner (Political cabinet ministers) who held the power of life and death. The top floor was sleeping accommodation, sick bay, wash rooms and canteen.

I have tried to research if the Bunker was ever used as I was told it had not been used.  As you could imagine it is very hard to find anything because of National security Issues with these type of Bunkers, but I did find something.

On the 20th May 1957 a UFO was seen on radar over the Ipswich area and authorization was given to fire rockets at the UFO to a pilot from RAF Manson, Isle of Thanet in Kent. The pilot was talking to GCI at RAF Bawdsey Manor, who were describing the strange antics of the UFO. The UFO was also tracked at Neatishead in Norfolk, it was reported the UFO was motionless for long intervals. With 10 seconds remaining before the launch of the missiles, the UFO accelerated at an estimated speed of 7,500mph.

The pilot talked to the met sector (SOC) at Kelvedon on the night (but he wasn’t aware of who he was talking to at the time it was happening) and later the pilot had to report to the bunker.  On arrival he was told that the UFO was recorded (at GCI Bawdsey) and had gone of radar in two sweeps. He was told the mission was highly classified and should not be discussed with anyone and he was threatened with a national security breach if he did. Earlier around 13/14 August 1956 a UFO was tracked at USAF Lakenheath and Bentwaters which is not far from the 1957 incident, did they track this UFO as planes were scrambled. It is also thought that during the 1950’s a plane was lost a day by trying to intercepting UFO’s.

If the above is true, which it seems to be as the above information is taken from government documents, then the ROTOR bunker at Kelvedon was active and not deserted as some thought! The above information seems to suggest that Kelvedon Hatch was the place where orders for firing rockets at UFO’s were issued from East Anglia at least.

As the Bunker has only been sold back to the original owner since 1992 there is not a lot of Paranormal activity documented. The main documented ghost is the Phantom workman, it is thought that a workman died during the construction of the bunker by falling into the wall as concrete poured in and his body has never been found. People have thought they have seen the workman on different occasions roaming around the corridors.

Mists are seen and sometimes come with a feeling of feeling frightened. The mood and atmosphere changes quickly for no reason. Cold spots have been reported, unexplainable lights, footsteps, noises, disembodied voices, shadow figures are seen and objects are seen moving.

I have been to the bunker 3 times now and before a certain TV show, below will be a brief summary of what happened.

Lights were seen, large and small of red and white by eyesight, a female white figure, black shapes were also seen. Whistling noises, shuffling, movement, noises, taps in response to questions being asked, , high pitch noises, music were heard, but the most unexplainable was a loud siren was heard while we were outside on a break but it was not heard inside, it sounded like it was from within the Bunker area and not distant. Feelings of someone standing close to you, people being touched, strong smells of sweat, musty and stale were smelt. The TV button was pressed in and we all heard this and the TV was turned on to standby. Unexplainable EMF readings in one area and we asked spirit for the next group to get EMF readings and we later found out they did in the same area, they were unaware that we had asked for this to happen. A temperature drop of 7.2°C and a temperature rise of 20°C which we could not explain. The Bunker is an interesting place and worth a visit.

Copyrighted by Tracy Monger 2012.


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  4. I know someone who was there on the 13/14 august 1956 and witnessed the UFO from Kelveden hatch, are their any details from the RAF I have the detials for project blue book but would like details from Kelveden hatch it’s self?

    • Hi Scott, thanks for the information, that is really interesting. I will be honest and have no idea it the hatch itself has any details. It was a few years ago that i was there and i really need to go back at some point to look in more detail at what is displayed. I would suggest phoning the owner or email.

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