Ewloe Castle

The castle is in Flintshire is based in Wepre Park and was one of the last fortifications built by the Prince of Wales Llewellyn ap Gruffydd in 1257 adding to earlier work by Prince Owain Gwynedd before Edward I invaded Wales.

The castle is near the English border which meant they could control the road to Chester. It stands on the junction of two steams and was built from local stone. Prince Owain Gwynedd had a battle with the Normans which was led by Henry II, the grandson of William the conqueror. He used the forest to confuse the enemy and Henry’s men were slaughters during July 1157.

It was captured by Edward I in December 1277 and the castle may not have been completed. The castle was given back to the Prince but he broke the peace and the castle was taken of him. Edward I had castles at Flint and Rhuddlan by the sea and Ewloe castle was never used.

In 1311 much of the castle was not standing but it was in ruins by the late medieval period. A lot of the castle stone was used in later buildings in Connah’s Quay, Mold and Flint.

The castle is a Motte and bailey castle. There are two courtyards with a D-shaped keep, the tower is unusual as it is isolated in the middle of the upper ward, surrounded by a certain wall, normally it comes out from the curtain wall. The curtain wall surrounds the Motte and at the west side is a circular tower. Access was via ramps. The two curtain walls are not joined. An outer rampart on the south, defends the higher ground. The inner buildings were made of timber.

The castle is thought to be haunted with marching men, strange lights, singing heard during thunderstorms, a headless monk, marching army, an agonising scream. The most famous is Nora the nun. In the forest it is thought ghost dogs and horses.

There are a few stories around about Nora, the most respected one is she gave birth to an illegitimate child, she was unable to live with the scandal, she stood at the top of the highest turret and threw the baby over, killing it. The castle guards saw he and she went on trail and was bricked up alive in a castle wall. Other stories include Nora having an affair with a monk and then had her head cut off or Nora drowned in the Rosie pond after dropping her illegitimate child in the pond or she was hit by a bomb near the waterfall. Other suggest she was walled up in the old hall, what was the monastery and now is the visitors centre and her body was found by an American in the 1900’s when he bought the hall.

Nora has been seen on top of the waterfall, as they approached the waterfall a humming sound was heard and Nora was seen walking across the top of the waterfall.

Nora was seen in the 1980’s at the Rosie pond by someone fishing, their dog started to growl and Nora was seen floating across the pond from left to right, around the island, across the water and into one of the cottages, Wepre Lane area. Nora is thought to around the well, in the middle of the castle and roaming around the castle, her muffled cries can be heard and some people suggest they feel like they are being pushed while on the turret.
I have investigate here on a trip to Wales, it was a very interesting Castle, secluded in trees, very eerie and bearing in mind we didn’t know the history of the place (and never research before any investigation) we heard old-time music, sound of footsteps around the castle regularly, different noises, a woman’s head was seen in the centre of the castle (as was seen from the top and sight was obstructed to see the body). Lights were seen in various areas of the castle. We didn’t visit the waterfall or the pond as we didn’t know about it, but when we are in the area in the future I will be checking out the other locations in the park.

Copyrighted by Tracy Monger 2012


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